From the moment we stepped off the plane last Friday morning in Ohio, my husband, Dan and I were filled with GREAT ANTICIPATION and EXPECTATION in our heart and spirit.  We had been in preparation for the “CHURCH ON FIRE” Advance for the people of Community of the Holy Spirit for weeks. A promise in our heart from God reassured us this would be a landmark ministry weekend with many lives touched and changed by the power of God. Our prayer was for the Lord to elevate this Body of Believers to the NEXT LEVEL in Him! AND…that’s EXACTLY WHAT HE DID!

Pastor Chris and Minister Vicki Fisher are two of the most gracious people I know. They embraced us with such love, warmth, and humility of heart and spirit. They welcomed us into their home and family and made us a part of their lives. Their openness to the Holy Spirit working through us for their church was a “Freeing” experience.  It allowed God to move through us and to do what He had sent us there to accomplish for Him.

Friday evening we met in pastor’s home with the church leadership. We shared a delicious home cooked meal together, many laughs, some tears and a heartfelt time of sharing and direction for the weekend ahead. It was an evening given to preparing hearts for the “CHURCH ON FIRE” ADVANCE. The humility in that group of leadership around the table really caught my attention. Why? When leadership desires nothing less than the best for God’s people… ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! The congregation had been well prepared for this Advance by their pastor and other leaders and it was evident! Everyone came to receive something from the Lord and He did not disappoint anyone.

Saturday was a glorious blend of Worship, Teaching and the Demonstration of God’s power working among us. The dynamic workbooks created specifically for the “CHRUCH ON FIRE” ADVANCE were given to the people. They will be used by the people for a point of reference and study for what they learned and experienced. Sunday morning the atmosphere was charged with the Spirit of God. Pastor Chris led us right into the throne room of the Living God and tears were flowing freely. To be honest with you…I nearly used up an entire box of tissue from my tears. Tissues were scattered around the floor where I had been sitting. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when God just shows up! Dan’s Sunday message on “The Seven Spirits of God” was electrifying. THE MAN WAS ANOINTED! Without God’s anointing on us …we are nothing! With His anointing…lives are touched and changed forever!

The culmination for the “CHURCH ON FIRE” weekend was a “Fire Tunnel” Sunday morning. For those of you who have never experienced this…WOW! The ultimate proof of God’s presence is changed lives! This is what took place at Community of the Holy Spirit and the “CHURCH ON FIRE ADVANCE” this past weekend.

We are Deeply Grateful to the Lord for such a loving and caring family as Community of the Holy Spirit.  You reach beyond the walls of your church into the community where broken and hurting people can feel the love of Christ through you.

Thank You Pastor Chris and Minister Vicki… God’s Chosen Vessels and Shepherds to lead the flock of God in Willoughby. HE IS WELL PLEASED!




Sheila Rhodes

About Sheila Rhodes

The greatest destiny and purpose for me is serving God with ALL my heart, soul and being! My personal relationship with the Lord brings such LIFE as He speaks to me, opens doors of ministry opportunities, and gives me insight into the hearts of others who need a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time.
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6 Responses to CHURCH ON FIRE!

  1. Laura P says:

    Dearest Sheila~ What a wonderful recap of a weekend that none of us will soon forget! You and Pastor Dan poured out your love and fanned the flames and we are with out a doubt a “Church on Fire”!
    Thank you for all of your kind words and for your encouragement! I will cherish the prayer you spoke over me Sunday morning and keep it tucked in my heart!
    We are blessed beyond belief to have been touched this weekend and are now forever changed!
    Love you both BIG!!!! 🙂
    Laura P.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Dearest Laura ~
      Your words are LIFE GIVING! I just read them to Pastor Dan. WOW!
      All that was needed was to “Fan The Flames” that were already there and God did the rest! Praise The Lord! 🙂 Now, there’s a “CHURCH ON FIRE” and it’s spreading all throughout Willoughby and will extend into the uttermost parts of the world over time.
      Just so grateful that God is working in your life so beautifully. He has much ministry in store for you as well as for Jason. Your future in the Lord is great my friend and I look forward to following your journey with you both. I love you great big!

      By the way…that pumkin bread is “off the chain!” We had it for a treat this morning with coffee. I don’t even want to share it with anyone else…it’s all ours. Haha! THANK YOU for all your love towards us!

  2. WOW!!!!!!!! I am speechless (and that does NOT happen). When God moves, HE MOVES! Those little fireballs (candy) got nothin’ on the power of God, let me tell you.
    Thank you both for being the vessel, allowing God to work through you, like never before. I appreciate you and Ps. Dan “fanning the flames” in our lives. My prayer is that the fire keeps raging within all of us at CHS and that it would ignite others. That the flames would spread as other’s hear the gospel with boldness and compassion. Passion +compassion is a powerful thing.
    This little community in Willoughby Ohio will never be the same again:)
    thank you, thank you thank you!
    ~Min. Vicki

    • Minister Vicki ~ My Wonderful Friend! 🙂
      It’s really a humbling thing to realize that God met all the people right at their point of need this past weekend. It’s “mind boggling”
      Once again…THANK YOU and Pator Chris for preparing the people for the Advance so well and then allowing us to be whom God wanted to be and to flow through. We love you all deeply and dearly.

      Praying that the fire that has now begun will continue to ignite others all over Willoughby! I’m still processing in my thoughts all that unfolded over the weekend. Guess that will be going on for a few more days. 🙂 We’re just deeply grateful to the Lord! (BIG HUGS to the Fisher Family…ALL OF YOU!)

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