Destiny Revealed

Secrets and Clues to Discovering Your Destiny

Earlier this year I was honored to be invited to speak at Kelly Greer’s “Destiny Bound” Ladies Retreat. The title of my message was“DESTINY REVEALED…Secrets and clues to Discovering Your Destiny.”The following is a brief summary of the message I brought to women who came with hungry hearts and open spirits.

Scriptural Theme: Deuteronomy 29:29 “ The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” There are some things revealed to you in life. One of these things I’d like to share with you is YOUR DESTINY!

The “PROMISE” of Destiny reveals why you were created. Since your destiny comes from God who created you, your destiny cannot be separated from whom God wants you to be and what He wants you to do for HIM during your lifetime. “God knew you BEFORE you were born and ‘Destined’ you to do good things for Him”…and He wants to REVEAL that Destiny to you (Romans 8:29; Ephesians 2:10). However, there are some requirements in discovering your destiny.

First, you must “Walk with God,” which requires that you accept His Son as your personal Savior. He has good intentions for you, just like a good parent has for his or her children. A good parent recognizes natural gifts in their child and guides the child towards the fulfillment of that gift or talent, often through providing an education. A good parent encourages a child even when they fail and points them towards the bigger picture. But God is BETTER than a human parent and has infinite power to make these things happen for you.

“Walking with God” means reading His Letter written to you. His Letter is His Word…the Bible. The more you read His letter, the more you’ll know who He is. You will be amazed at how much the Lord desires to speak to you about your life and future through His Word.

“Walking with God” also means finding a church home where you can be spiritually fed and fellowship with other believers in times of joy as well as times of sorrow. God always provides the missing ingredients and provisions you need through a Spiritual Family if you open your heart. When you make yourself available to attend ministry gatherings, you can hear from God and receive ministry from others. It is LIFE GIVING!

Lastly, “Walking with God” requires taking time out of your crazy schedule to spend time with Him, talking and stopping to listen to what He is saying to you. Sometimes we just need to get quiet and listen to that still small voice.

Most people think Destiny is “Blind Fate” while others think you can make your own destiny in life. Sometimes you have to get rid of “Road Blocks” in your life in order to move forward in your God given destiny. God is a loving Creator who personally knows you and offers a gracious plan that enhances your natural gifts for the benefit of others. Simply put, your Destiny is the final outcome of your influence in people’s lives. Always know there is a difference between a career and a Divine Destiny. Divine Destiny connects you to God in your career. You are on a different level when God gets involved!

Your Destiny is not complicated to discover. It’s what is in your heart to do! Do you want to start a business, become a teacher, pursue an upper management position, be a wonderful parent, or go into areas of ministry? Once you’ve realized your destiny, start out slow and let it grow. Sometimes it means sharing your thoughts about your destiny even with your pastor to get his or her input. “Unless you’ve been faithful over that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own” (Luke 16:12).

Finally, the “POWER” of Destiny will transform your life because you now have a passion for what you’re doing. It becomes a joy and not a burden. The “Power” of Destiny will change the relationship you have with your children and grandchildren. AND… it instills confidence to meet God when your life on this earth is over. You can stand proud that you fulfilled the mission for which you were equipped.

Sheila Rhodes

About Sheila Rhodes

The greatest destiny and purpose for me is serving God with ALL my heart, soul and being! My personal relationship with the Lord brings such LIFE as He speaks to me, opens doors of ministry opportunities, and gives me insight into the hearts of others who need a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time.
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12 Responses to Destiny Revealed

  1. Diannemasters1161 says:

    hi shelia,
    i really like your new blog and i look foward to reading it. i have a question for said in you post that in order to find your destiny that you just have to look at whats in your heart…well for me outside of serving the Lord…i only have two dreams….my first is to see my family completely restore and together again….and the other dream i have is to travel…i dont know why but this has always been my strongest desire…to travel from place to place and visit different churches everywhere i go…i dont know why this desire is so strong in me…sure i want to see things and do fun things as i travel but thats not what its all about…but for me in reality that has never happened…ive traveled a little..but nothing like i want to…so could this be a desire that God put in my heart and maybe one day it will happen…or is it just me wanting to see the world? im really trying to find my place in this world.. i feel extra displaced since losing both of my parents now…so tell me what you think?

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      First of all, THANK YOU for visiting “Sheila’s Heart” and the honesty of your comments and question that you had. Jesus gave us an incredible insight in Luke 12:34… your heart reflects what you treasure the most. Your heart’s desires are your treasures. However; it is important for you to guard your heart and prioritize those things which are most important to you. Your family is obviously at the top of that list. So, your primary destiny outside your relationship with the Lord is to be a Godly example in your family and to always never ‘let go’ of them no matter what. Keep them daily in prayer …always trusting, believing and knowing that God restores lives and makes them whole and well again. There’s just something pretty powerful about God’s love working in and through a parent to hurting family.There is nothing wrong with enjoying life and traveling. As finances and time become available, maybe you will be able to do this. Keeping you and your requests in prayer! Sheila

  2. this blog is such a has reminded me of several things tonight that I needed to pray about. This will be a new favorite page for me to come to as an encouragement! xoxo
    Thanks so much for doing this! God really is working through you, and I can hear your sweet voice as I am reading your words.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hi Megan!
      Oh what joy hearing from you like this! 🙂 I’m so thrilled that “Sheila’s Heart” is going to be a favorite for you to come to and be inspired, and encouraged! This is the very reason it was created…to be a blessing to people just like yourself. I would be honored if you shared it with others so they too can be blessed. I will be placing different postings and even videos on a weekly basis so please visit often.
      I love you so much Megan! Sheila

  3. I was finally able to watch your video tonight, as last night my computer wouldn’t load it. It was so good to see your pretty face and hear your heartfelt words. I love this blog, and want to share it with there an easy “Share with facebook” button? I didn’t see one..if not, I will find a way. Something I would like to glean from you is words of wisdom in marriage-39 years-wow! I would love to hear your thoughts of how to grow a strong marriage, as I have only been married 8 years and we are still learning how to communicate and so on. I have heard of a new book out called Sacred that I want to get and read. Maybe we could as a small group have a weekly bible study(on any topic) and then we could all come and discuss? Is that something you might be interested in doing??

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Hello Megan!
      Happy to hear that you got the video uploaded on your computer so you could watch last evening. Thank you for all your sweet words to me. My memories of you are filled with loving ones.
      “39′ years of marriage is something this day and time. I’ve actually known Dan for 41 years. That’s a long time. I will be sharing off and on on “Sheila’s Heart” some things along this line of thought…marriage, family, grandparenting, children, careers and about relationships. Maybe you’ll be able to glean some things when this is posted.
      I have a question. What exactly are you thinking about for a weekly bible study to be possibly held here on “Sheila’s Heart?” This sounds interesting. Please tell me more about how you would want this to work. Is this something on line or what’s in your heart on this?

  4. thank you so much for those key points Pastor Sheila on the supernatural and the secrets and clues to discovering my destiny by walking with God.You have enlighting my spiritman.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Thank you Jackie for letting me know this posting on The Supernatural gave you better understanding. That is what I hoped would take place when you read the posting. I appreciate your comments so much!

  5. Joelma says:

    I hope you will speak again at the next Destiny Bound or FlipFlop Ministries event.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Wasn’t the April Destiny Bound Ladies Retreat just AWESOME? I think the world of Kelly. I look forward to future opportunities as they arise. 🙂

  6. Kagoodloe says:

    Thanks for sharing POWERFUL words on encouragement.

    Have a lovely week


    • Kimberly, THANK YOU for having such an open heart to receive these words my friend. AND…THANK YOU for visiting my blog. Please stop by often and we all would LOVE reading your comments and input.

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