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03 Dec

GIVE AND IT WILL BE GIVEN – A Heart Felt Christmas Story!


2013 (12-2-2013) Poinsettia napkin ringsGIVE AND IT WILL BE GIVEN

EVERY CHRISTMAS I make gifts for family and friends. One year I found an especially beautiful pattern for poinsettia napkin rings. I cut the red and green felt and fashioned it into flowers. Then I grouped them into sets of four and began wrapping. They are the best gifts I’ve ever made, I decided. I checked my list one last time and found I had made one gift too many. I’ll keep the last set for myself.

On Christmas Eve I set the dinner table and admired how the napkin rings made everything look perfect. Suddenly my friend Alice came to mind. How could I have forgotten Alice? WE always exchanged gifts, and she too made her gifts by hand.

I knew what I had to do: give Alice my last set of napkin rings. I took the napkins out of the rings and, crestfallen, wrapped them. My table no longer looked so festive.

I called Alice to tell her I was coming over. “I have to run out,” she said. “I’ll leave your gift in the mailbox.”

When my girls and I arrived at Alice’s house, I opened up the mailbox. Sure enough, a beautifully wrapped package was waiting inside. I took it out and put her present in its place. “Open it! Open it!” my daughters squealed, unable to contain their excitement. Finally I told the girls they could open the present. They tore off the wrapping and opened the lid. Inside were napkin rings.

“Well?” I asked.

“Mom,” Terri gasped. “Look!” Poinsettias. Exactly like the ones I had made.

I could have laughed out loud. What an amazing coincidence! I thought. But then I remembered the line from the Book of Luke: “Give, and it will be given to you.”

**Today’s true life story from GUIDEPOSTS CLASSIC 1997The Joys 2013 (12-2-2013) Beautiful Christmas candles all lit upof Christmas ~ was written by Jean Padgett, Chapin, from South Carolina

 Be open to the unexpected. Sometimes the best things in life just happen. Share the love of Christmas at work, with friends family and neighbors ~ in quiet ways. 


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