A PROPHETIC AWAKENING – A Stirred up Spirit – A Made up Mind!


2015 (9-23-2015) Ministry in Ohio

What an AMAZING time we all experienced this past weekend, October 2-4, 2015 at “Community of the Holy Spirit” in Willoughby, Ohio with Pastors Chris and Vicki Fisher, Bishop Kirby Clements, Pastor Dan Rhodes (my husband) and myself.  The sanctuary was filled to overflow with church members, invited guests, visiting pastors and ministers from the surrounding community. There was such a BUZZ of expectation from the people that it was contagious when you came through the door. 🙂 Truly, “Community of the Holy Spirit” is a house of love, healing and restoration.

In Psalm 119 David cries out to God over and over again, “Revive me according to Your word, revive me according to Your ordinances and revive me according to Your loving kindness!” Revive, in this Psalm, means to bring to life, an awakening, and restored to life.

The atmosphere on Friday evening with the church leadership, the Saturday Advance and Sunday morning service was charged by the presence of the Holy Spirit. The people had an opportunity to encounter the supernatural with the Living God in spirit and in truth. They came with an open heart to hear the voice of God and were awakened and restored to live life to the fullest! They felt the presence of God manifesting all around them and lives were touched and changed because of His presence. The gift of spirit worship  filled the sanctuary and our lives. There was a heavenly sound coming forth from among the people. It was the sound of revival ~ A Prophetic Awakening! 

2015 (9-21-2015) A Stirred Up Spirit - A Prophetic Awakening!

*The following photos capture the spirit of the weekend at “Community of the Holy Spirit” and the Sunday morning service. It was an electrifying weekend and one that will live on forever in our hearts.

A huge “THANK YOU” to Pastors Chris and Vicki Fisher as well as the wonderful people of CHS who made this EPIC weekend happen in the natural and for all the prayers that set the environment for God to move among us. 





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2015 ...me and LauraIMG_4251IMG_4254








*Pastor Chris shares ~ “God truly wants to revive some things in our lives. Some of us have wilted. For some, the air in our tires has leaked out. For others, we’ve gotten a little bent out of shape. It is God’s kind intention and desire to straighten some things out in our lives and the stage is being set for that to happen.”



Community of the Holy Spirit Church




Sheila Rhodes

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The greatest destiny and purpose for me is serving God with ALL my heart, soul and being! My personal relationship with the Lord brings such LIFE as He speaks to me, opens doors of ministry opportunities, and gives me insight into the hearts of others who need a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time.
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One Response to A PROPHETIC AWAKENING – A Stirred up Spirit – A Made up Mind!

  1. Vicki Fisher says:

    Community of the Holy Spirit— “come in unity” of the Holy Spirit.
    Yup! CHS is like no other. What a blessed ministry this truly is. God is using us ordinary people to do extraordinary things. NOT by our power, by any means… ALL by God’s POWER. That by the way, never runs out. His power supply is everlasting!

    CHS was packed on Saturday (standing room only) to hear God through you, Pastor Dan and Bishop. We all had our coffee in our hand, bibles in the other and our ears “perked” to listen to what God had to say… and HE said a lot!

    Stirred up spirit for sure! We need to be stirred up, we need those “spiritual paddles” to re-start our hearts again. Some parts of us had died, through the years of ministry, but I am so greatful that HE revives us.

    Thank you Mrs. Sheila for allowing God to use you, the way only He can! You have such a tender heart for God and his people. The words of the prophet, brought kind intentions to us… thank you for not holding back.

    We love you bunches!!!!!

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