A few years ago, I purchased a garment from a retailer.  As I was in the process of removing the tags, I noticed a big tag that said “I AM WASHABLE.” I was about to toss the tag into the garbage when I heard Holy Spirit whisper in my ear….”Are you washable?”  I answered back…”What are you inferring Holy Spirit?  What do you mean, Am I Washable?”

For several days, I pondered the implications of what it meant to be washable.  I had an ongoing interactive conversation with Holy Spirit.  “Well, yes, Holy Spirit, I must be washable because the blood of Jesus washes away my sins.” (I John 1:7).  “Yes, keep pondering,” said Holy Spirit.  “Holy Spirit, I must be washable because Your Word says that You wash me with it.” (Ephesians 5:26).  “Yes, keep pondering,” said Holy Spirit.  “Holy Spirit, I must be washable because Your Word says that I am washed by regeneration and renewed by You.” (Titus 3:5).  “Yes, keep pondering,” said Holy Spirit.

“What else is there…what else do you want me to say, Holy Spirit?”  I asked.  Again Holy Spirit said, “Keep pondering.”  Hmmm, I thought to myself, I wonder what He’s getting at?  “Uh, Holy Spirit, You wouldn’t happen to be talking about my heart, would You?”  I asked.  Yes!” said Holy Spirit, “That’s what I’m asking…IS YOUR HEART WASHABLE?”

WOW!  What a question, I thought.  Then revelation began to roll in like morning fog on quaint tiny coastal towns.  “Is my spiritual heart washable?”  Then Holy Spirit took me to Isaiah 61:3…”To give them beauty for ashes, The oil of joy for mourning, The ‘garment of praise’ for the spirit of heaviness…”  I began to see how, before the foundation of the world, my Heavenly Father had already special ordered a “tailored-perfect-fit” garment of praise   just for me!  His Word says to PUT ON our garment of praise.  He has already picked out the most beautiful, luxurious fabric for us to wear!  Holy Spirit showed me that our garment of praise is the “fabric” of our hearts.  When we wear our special made-to-order garment, that is when we allow our hearts to become washable.  Anything that is unlike God cannot not live in praise.  Any circumstance of heaviness cannot live in praise.  Any condemnation from the enemy cannot live in praise.  Any difficult situation or disappointment cannot live in praise.  Praise is like a vacuum, it sucks the oxygen out of our troubles.  The very essence of these things, are swept away in praise.

There are many references in the Scriptures to garments and apparel.  Psalms 104:1-2 declares that the Lord our God is clothed with honor and majesty, and that He covers Himself with light as with a garment.  We were created to wear our ‘garment of praise for eternity.  The reason we live is to worship our Creator!


Cheryl Drake

About Cheryl Drake

Cheryl is a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She serves in ministry alongside her husband and daughters on the worship team at her church. Cheryl loves to write and teach the Word of God. She has a heart for hurting women and desires to see women find out who they are in Christ. Coming from a family of ministers, Cheryl desires to be a conduit of God's anointing to touch lives.
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4 Responses to ARE YOU WASHABLE?

  1. Sheila says:

    May the fabric of my heart be pliable, teachable and filled with humility always towards the things of the Lord. When God speaks so direct to our heart like He spoke to you… it is life changing. Thanking God for you and the sensitivity you have to listen to Him when He speaks.

    • Cheryl Drake says:

      That is my prayer also, Sheila! There are times, I need to be reminded to put my ‘Garment of Praise’ on to withstand what I might be facing that very day. I am so thankful when God speaks!

  2. Robin says:

    I will never look at clothing the same again. Ha. Your story is a wonderful reminder to me that I need daily washing. Sometimes hourly. It also reminds me of how brothers and sisters in Christ are able to weave in and out of seasons to provide a fabric of insight to things spoken today and yet to come. Sometimes it takes the comments you made combined with the comments Sheila makes to form a chord which brings you and I into a beautiful tapestry which God had already orchestrated before the beginning of time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cheryl Drake says:

      Robin, your words are so true. I’ve often thought about the people that have been in my life and how each one is a thread in a beautiful tapestry. Each one serves a purpose to make up a picture of our journey here on earth. Once we step into Heaven, I believe, we will see the final product of that tapestry. Thank you for your awesome comment.

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