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Jane is the wife of Jerry and mother to three children and two grandchildren. The desire of her heart is to share God’s love and healing power with a generation that is crying out for answers that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
15 Sep

In The Presence of my Grandchildren

When I am in the presence of my grandchildren, I no longer fear vulnerability, and I am filled with inexpressible joy…joy beyond anything I have previously experienced.  I am able to be silly and childlike with them as I unashamedly sit in the floor and play with them.   They are all I can think about, and my attention is totally devoted to them.  My heart aches anytime that I am unable to see them, and I long for their presence.  My heart’s desire is to be near them. 

In much the same way that we long for the presence of our children and grandchildren, our Lord yearns for our presence.   Our families are His loving gift to us so that we might understand just how much He loves us and longs to fellowship with us.  Through intimacy with our loved ones we learn to yield to intimacy with Christ.  Then, as we enter into fellowship with Him and release our love to Him, our hearts are healed and made whole.   What a wondrous gift God has given us to express His love for mankind.

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