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Kelly Greer is the publisher of Gwinnett Magazine and along with her husband operates a successful ad agency outside of Atlanta, Georgia….but that’s not the interesting story. Kelly spent the first 38 years of her life looking for success and happiness everywhere the world tells us to only to end up completely lost, alone, broken (and broke)! In her infinite wisdom, it never occurred to her that what was missing in her life was God. Fortunately, that didn’t stop Him from finding her! Kelly is a suma cum laude graduate of the "Been there, ought not to have done that," School of Bad Decisions; Kelly brings a realness, compassion and a deeply personal understanding of God’s amazing grace and help that is available for all who seek it. A gifted encourager and self-described "show me the steps" analytic, Kelly offers step by step help to living a life of peace, purpose, love and happiness regardless of current circumstances or "exciting" past. In November of 2010 Kelly founded FlipFlop Ministries – a company dedicated to helping women live their best life –one that’s directed by Jesus Christ. You can learn more about Kelly and her ministry at
15 Nov

God Calling

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak at a Woman’s conference in Atlanta.  It was a wonderful time of relaxing and spending focused time with God and other women seeking God as well.  (Always a worthwhile investment of time!)

When I woke up in my hotel room Saturday morning the Lord had put on my heart to read 1Peter. I am sure that I have read 1 Peter before, but in terms of knowing the specifics of that book I was drawing a blank. This notion of waking up with something specific on my heart to do or read has been happening for a few years now.  I used to question whether it really was the Holy Spirit or just me. Then He starts telling me to read books in the Bible that at the time I couldn’t even pronounce! In those readings there was always something that answered a specific need or question or dilemma I was struggling with at that moment. I have come to very much look forward to those crystal clear instructions from Him.

When I read 1 Peter Saturday morning, there were several great nuggets of insight but there was one verse that really jumped out to me as something I was suppose to share with Veronica the organizer and hostess of the event, which I did. I didn’t think much more about my 1 Peter reading the rest of the retreat.

As I spent time with all these wonderful women the natural direction of the conversation was talking about our ministries and what God was doing and what were our plans. As a recovering control freak, this is usually a topic where I start recounting my A, B and C plan and then the contingency plans for each scenario.  But this time was different, I don’t know when it happened, but somewhere in the last few months, I have truly abandoned my plans and have come to realize I am just along for the ride!

Whatever God is doing in me and however He is using me is His plan, not mine!  Every time I start to make plans it only serves to stress me out and things start feeling waaay too difficult.  This is an odd place to be for a girl who’s used to planning her work and working her plan!  I really don’t know quite what to make of it.  The Bible tells us to make our plans – just hold them loosely and trust God for the results. Any plans I seem to make right now, just seem pointless. It is so clear to me that I am on Gods plan, so I am doing the only thing I know to do – listen and obey – which by that definition; I’ve been extremely busy with my plans! For as much as it is so odd to answer, “I don’t really know” when people ask what’s up with Flip-Flop Ministries, I have more confidence than ever that I am “on plan”!

All weekend and even before the retreat the Lord had been impressing on my heart the verse about waiting on the Lord and trusting Him to exalt you in due time. I couldn’t remember what book it was from, but it really has started to become my mantra, much like Joel 2:25 has been my mantra the last year or so, “I will restore the years that the locust has eaten”. (Yes, leave it to me to find such verses!)

I won’t go off on a Jerry Springer tirade, but I know there are things the Lord is dealing with regarding the condition of my heart. This whole notion of “due time” makes sense to me. He is working on getting my heart, and many other things “right”. I trust His timing.

Fast-forward to this morning…that whole “wait on the Lord to exalt you in due time” is running around in my head again and I decide this time to finally look it up.  Guess what book it is from?  1 Peter! I must have kind of looked over it in my Saturday morning reading. I was using a new Bible with a different translation than the one I was used to, but there it was, “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time.” 1 Peter 5:6.

I am so thankful for these God callings where I can see His work in my life so clearly.  He must know who and what He is dealing with in me to make things so very clear and plain.

Thank God!

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