16 Dec

O Come All You Faithful – Come And Behold Him!

2013 (12-16-2013) O ComeAllYeFaithful words of Baby Jesus and the stable sceneO Come all you Faithful! How many of you just sang this song in your heart – O Come all ye Faithful … Joyful and Triumphant? It is a song of young and old. Angelic beings even know this song.  It is a song of a God who loves us so much that He came as a baby and who trusted his parents to care for him.  He was vulnerable to the cares of life just like you and me, yet; He believed in you so much to accomplish his purpose that He sent His son, Jesus, Son of God.  I often wonder what the heavens must have been like as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit discussed going down in human form.  Were the angels whispering?  Did the Universe break forth with a celebration?  Did the animals stir from their sleep?  Did the fish swim toward Bethlehem? Did the trees wave their branches? I believe the whole earth sang in glorious celebration!

Just like an expecting family – I believe that when God sent His Son to the earth all creation was stirring with excitement.  Even those who did not want to believe knew of His arrival.  After all God created us in His image.  For those who did not believe, I think their very DNA from the Father stood alert at the coming of the newborn King.

No one knows exactly when a baby will come but the Heavenly Father.  He speaks and the womb (God’s creation) moves at His command.  It was true for Jesus and it is true for You! 

At God’s command let there be:

Authority – light and darkness

Heaven and Earth – firmament (the vault of heaven; sky) in the midst of the waters;

Establishing – waters under the heaven gather into one place and let the dry land (earth) appear; Let the waters be called Seas;

Seed – Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields see, fruit trees;  

Orders our Steps– Sun to shine by day and the moon and stars to guide us by night; let them be for signs and seasons – days and years

Depth and Height – great sea creatures to cover the depths of living water and birds to fly over the expanse of the heavens

Pleasure – Animals

Dominion – Man and woman in His image.  God’s very DNA fills you today!

Blessing and Honor – Rest to ponder the goodness and righteousness of the Lord

Did you think this was a creation story? Well it is.  God created all of this for you to reproduce His glory on the earth as it is in heaven.  Sadly, many men still could not see it, so God’s amazing grace gave you the greatest evidence of all – His Son Jesus.  A baby, born of a virgin, now in flesh appearing came to life for us.  A baby who was vulnerable, in need of a parent to care for Him – feed him, cloth him, bath him, change him and teach him. He was faced with the same consequences and choices we do; He was given everything you already had from your Heavenly Father.  God’s creation and purpose for us never changed.   Jesus resurrected what was already given to you.

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this. – Isaiah 9:6,7 (NIV)2013 (12-16-2013) o come all ye faithful painting done by Robin

O Come all ye faithful….Come and behold Him…God’s ultimate creation story!








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27 May

Holding Patterns!

2013 (5-26-2013) The Words - Holding Patterns Have you ever been on an airplane to hear the pilot say, “Folks, we are in a holding pattern and it will be a few more minutes before we are released to land?  Thank you for your patience.” This is not what we want to hear when we are scheduled to meet someone at our next destination.  God places all of us in holding patterns from time to time.  It may be to have us listen, to test our ability to obey His voice, or to provide a reprieve for you to enjoy the ride.  Yes, the pilot just said we are in a holding pattern and would be landing shortly, not that we would be flying aimlessly.  A holding pattern is delaying aircraft that have arrived at their destination but cannot land yet because of traffic congestion, poor weather, or runway unavailability.  Our holding pattern may be our blessings in disguise – preparation, protection or provision.

 My husband, Steve, and I have been in a holding pattern for a little over two years as we care for his 84 year old mother.  It would be easy to place her in a nursing home, have someone come each day and take care of her but Steve made a promise to his dying father.  On his death bed, his weary bewildered father had the strength to ask Steve, “What is going to happen to your mother?” A son, tenderly speaking to his dad knowing it would be one of the last conversations which would have brought comfort to his father.  He replied, “Dad, we are going to take care of her.”  And with this said his father was at peace.  Steve just created a holding pattern for our lives by honoring his father.

2013 (5-26-2013) Clouds for Holding PatternsDuring this holding pattern, God has given us an opportunity to prepare and refine our talents and gifts through writing and art.  He has protected our family. He has joined us with Godly people to encourage us and reaffirm his hand is leading us.  He has introduced us to new opportunities to serve and release our gifts.  He has made provision for us through various creative streams of income.  He has given us areas to quietly serve.  He has not left us during this holding pattern. 

If you find yourself in a similar place, ask yourself a few questions.  First, God is this the place you want me to be? Second, are you redirecting me or giving me a reprieve? And Thirdly, Ask Him to show you new places to release His glory.  It could be through a friend, a family member or a total stranger.  Remember, your holding pattern doesn’t require you to stay in your seat.

We haven’t been released from our holding pattern yet; but I am grateful to know we are serving the Lord and eagerly awaiting the new announcement – “You will be landing at your destination momentarily.” 


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