20 Jul

Mother Was My Life Coach!

2015 (7-18-2015) Summer Fun at Anna's pix 5Life for a seventeen-year-old girl in a small southern town could get a little BORING, to say the least! I never could understand why the stores in a small town always started closing down early afternoon on Saturdays and wouldn’t re-open until Monday morning. What was a teenage girl to do in a town where nothing “cool” was happening? However, that actually turned out to be a blessing. I was forced to be around family and friends who treasured time spent together at family reunions, High School activities, picnics and special celebrations that gave us an excuse to just “hang out.” Mother taught me how to enjoy life, friends and family and to be content and grateful no matter what. I learned the importance of stability, faithfulness, loyalty, encouragement, education, doing for others, church, love of family and how to be domestic from my mother’s example. She is now with the Lord, but I remember her as such a wise and proud Southern lady who adored her family and would do for them and others before herself. 2012 (5-13-2012) My Mother's PhotoMother had a high moral standard and expected us children to live up to her same values. Of course, that was not always possible and yes, she would get her heart broken because of it. She had the ability to give wise counsel when needed with a lot of just good ole’ “common sense” intertwined in her advice. She was my biggest encourager, supporter and promoter growing up and especially during my teenage years. Was our family perfect? Of course not! We had major family crises and difficulties like all families. But I never knew it because my mother’s love and protection would cover us as children. Also, she clearly let me know that real friends are those who, when you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t think you’ve done a permanent job. She knew how to take the sting of hurt and disappointment out of my heart when it was needed. I always wondered what I would be like when I grew up. But I never realized what God’s “Life Compass” really was until decades later in life!

An encounter with God doesn’t always have to be some dramatic life-or-death crisis. It can occur as a dawning awareness of His consistent and loving guidance throughout life. Because of the inseparable bond between children and their mothers, the Lord can gradually influence a child through a godly mother’s example. Dads are essential in a child’s life, but there is no love, comfort or security like that of a mother. Children learn by observation, watching their parents’ actions and listening to their voices. They follow the pattern of their lives and are directed by the “compass” of parental character. Children who are guided by godly mothers and fathers are blessed beyond measure (Prov. 6:20-22). They have God’s Life Compasses instilled in their hearts.

2011 (10-30-11) I Love My Grandkids

Fifty years have come and gone and now I’m a Grandmother! As I look back on my teenage years, I realize what a powerful “Life Compass” the Lord gave to me through my mother. Often I look in the mirror and her reflection is looking me straight in the eyes. Being a wife, mother and grandmother isn’t a chore for me. It’s a calling! I recognize my mother’s character in me and I smile in amazement at how much of her I see in my domestic abilities. Being a “Stay At Home Mom” for nearly “12” years was the most wonderful decision I ever made as a young mother. I 2012 (3-19-2012) Tain up a child in the way he should go!instilled in our daughters the same type of character qualities and domestic abilities I learned from my mother’s example. She lives on in me, our daughters and now our three little grandchildren. That standard of love and value of God and family are top priority in my life. I can’t seem to get enough family time with them. Years ago I didn’t realize that I could love grandchildren this much. They’ve stolen my heart away. I’ve learned over the years that godly character is a heritage and a Life Compass from the Lord. When children and grandchildren are exposed to godly parents and grandparents, they too can aspire to the highest and best qualities that make them great and successful in life. I thank the Lord for my mother who was the HEART of our home. From her I’ve learned how to be the HEART of my home as well. Now our children are Life Compasses for their children.

I like the way Prov. 31:28 describes a virtuous wife: “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”

2015 (7-5-2015) Fourth of July at Grandmas House

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11 May

“Chosen of God”… Even as a Child!

2015 (5-11-2015) My Story

“Chosen of God” – My Childhood Story

2015 (5-5-2015) me in my Southern HatEverybody who knows me knows I’m about as southern as you can get. I give folks the freedom to smile or even gently give me a high five or hug when we meet. I suppose they may even want to offer glasses of sweet tea to everyone around and that’s okay too. It’s wonderful folks feel so at home and so welcomed. What you may not know is my encounter with the Lord as a child. This is my story…hope it makes you love me even more!

It was a warm July morning in the small Southern town where I grew up 2012 (1-20-2012) Downtown Angieras a girl. There was nothing I enjoyed more as a 10-year-old than a trip into town for a visit to my favorite store…the Dime Store or affectionately known as the “5 & 10.”  There was something so very neat about the sound of the old squeaky wooden floors in that store and the smells of so many items on the shelves. Nothing was barely over ten cents, so I had the pick of everything that caught my attention when I came skipping through the door with my long ash-blond hair blowing in the summer breeze. But in order to get into town from my home, I had to walk by the old church building where I attended Sunday school and church services with my family. Every time I passed the church, I felt a “pulling” on my heart to walk in and talk with God…even though it wasn’t Sunday. Finally, one day I decided to do just that…walk in and deal with the curiosity that had gripped at my heart. I pushed on the big 2012 (12-18-2012) Beautiful church in the snowwhite double doors and discovered they were unlocked. As I stepped through the tiny foyer into the sanctuary, I felt the presence of the Lord so strong that I didn’t want to leave. Hiding away in the quietness and the stillness of the sanctuary and stained glass windows, I discovered a new and exciting experience in my heart….I could talk with God in this place. I found myself going inside that empty church many times to see if He would speak back to me. Something was happening…something different that I couldn’t quite understand. I began to sense that even as a child I was chosen for a very special purpose.  I never really shared with my parents or siblings what I was feeling. For me it was a very private thing between God and me. In Him, I had discovered a newfound friend and a place to bring all my hurts, disappointments, desires and dreams. Little could I imagine the amazing ministry the Lord had in store for me…not only me, but also for the man I would meet and marry 15 years later.

There is no age limit for the call of God on a person’s life. To Jeremiah the Lord proclaimed, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you a prophet to the nations” (Jer. 1:5). To John the Baptist the angel declared, “he will be filled with the Holy Spirit while yet in his mother’s womb” (Luke 1:15). The Lord spoke to Samuel when he was just a boy and revealed His secret counsel (1 Sam. 3:1-11). Even the Apostle Paul was set apart from his mother’s womb (Gal 1:15). So it was with me. Look what happened later in life from my quiet encounters with God:   

2015 (4-30-2015) pix of me ministeringAs I stepped into the pulpit, I felt the undeniable presence of the Lord just as I had as a child nearly six decades ago. Only now it was much stronger and immensely more mature. As my eyes scanned the room filled with ladies, my heart filled with love, compassion and wondrous words from God for them. It was easy and very natural for me to stand boldly and testify of God’s grace in their lives as the spiritual gift of the Word of Knowledge flowed through me. As I looked into the faces in the room, I knew the hunger in their hearts for God. I could sense His words for them…words of restoration 2014 (10-23-2014 ) Me and Dan at CHSand hope being gently spoken to my heart. Over the years, I’ve learned to just “lean in” to God and trust Him. He would never fail me. He never had. Even 57 years after my first encounter with God, He continually writes His love upon my heart to remind me of who He is in my life. I recognize that the prophetic gift flowing through me isn’t mine at all. It is God’s gift at work for the edification of others. I’ve learned that God’s gift in me brings life, hope, encouragement, love and stability when spoken in a timely manner. As my husband and I minister together in churches, I often recall that old empty church where I would commune with God. For this purpose His Spirit began calling me even as a child. Had I not responded, I would never have been a recipient of His amazing gift for others. Being filled to overflowing with the love of Christ brings refreshment when I’m ministering to God’s people. I’ve learned that when I am overcome by His Presence, I am immersed in His love (Eph. 3:16-21).

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10 Apr

Memories Last Forever!

2015 (4-10-2015) Memories

As a young girl, I always hoped I would grow up to be a wife and a mother. I had other aspirations too, including becoming an Elementary School teacher just like my mother. But being a wife and a mother were at the top of my list. I wanted those things because I grew up in a home and family where I saw them as valued and esteemed roles. My own understanding of biblical manhood and womanhood would be further developed in the years to come when my husband and I became Christians and in full time ministry. With a deep understanding of God’s Word, we taught others and have tried to live our lives as Godly as possible.  However; it was in my formative years where I first saw the beauty of God’s design for marriage and family. And my heart longed for it.

2013 (10-1-2013) Me as a little child with mother and daddyGrowing up as the older of two siblings …a brother and a sister, I was “blessed” with an understanding that boys and girls, though similar in many ways, are also quite different. Some of my favorite things to do as a little girl were making “mud pies” outdoors and letting them dry in the hot summer sun on the concrete steps out back of our house. I loved digging up what I called, “doodle bugs” buried in the dirt floor of an old barn in the backyard. My brother and sister would join me for fun times at my grandpa’s house in the countryside (only a mile away from where I grew up) and we would play in the barns on the acres of grandpa’s farmland and run all over the place with our many cousins. We would climb the very tall, beautiful old Southern trees in our front yard as we pretended to hide from the world. And, swinging as high as we could go from an old tire swing my daddy made was the joy of being young and carefree. Waiting by the curb in 2015 (4-10-2015) Memories last foreverfront of our house for the Ice Cream truck on summer days was an everyday thing for us. But, while I loved keeping up with my brother and sister, I was also aware that I was different from them. It was me (not them), who would disappear to the backyard playhouse that my uncle had built for us and there I would pretend as I played house and that my husband was off “making a living for the family.” It was also me who made that little playhouse a home with all my teapots and teacups (as opposed to shark teeth and toy cars). Running through the backyard and playing with my brother and holding “Tea Time” the next day did not conflict in my childhood mind. And even now, I don’t think they should. Although girlhood and boyhood may be defined at times by pretend play, those things are only representations of a truth about manhood and womanhood that is wondrously deeper than toy guns or little porcelain cups.

2015 (4-10-2015) Siloutte“God made you a girl.” I don’t remember the first time I heard this, but I never forgot it. Those five words were an anchor even to my childhood heart. I was not a girl by chance. God created me to be a girl. I soon learned that Psalm 139:13-14  told me that God was knitting me together even in my mother’s womb. My life was not by chance. Knowing God made me to be a girl and that in itself allowed me to run free in the woods and get dirty in the mud. I could not mess up what God had made firm. Understanding God’s specific intention in creating me was particularly comforting during my adolescent years. I remember blurting out once in frustration, “I just wish I were as strong as a boy!” My mother’s words were there to steady me, “Sheila, first, being a boy is also hard. But second, God made you a gentle little girl.” Sometimes I wonder what confusion might have entered my life if she had not been there to point me very simply to God’s truth. It wasn’t complicated, but it set me free to be who God created me to be.

When my brother, sister and I were young, my mother was intentional about making our home special for her family. She was a wonderful homemaker and mother but she was also a school teacher too. All of this was her ministry but I wonder if she truly realized it was ministry. It 2015 (4-10-2015) Great Advertisementwas a powerful demonstration of what a family should be like when I was growing up.  Now, I’m a pastor’s wife and have been for 37 yrs nearly. As a pastor’s wife, I’ve turned down a few ministry opportunities over the years because I knew my children needed me and they were my greatest ministry when they were growing up. I’ve tried to model for my now grown married daughters that it is a strong woman, not a weak one, who is willing to truly live out the principles of Titus 2. I grew up knowing motherhood was a good gift that took every ounce of a woman’s mental and physical energy.

2014 (10-23-2014 ) Me and Dan at CHSI have seen biblical leadership modeled in my marriage. My husband is a pastor and a man of firm conviction. I’ve always been a peacemaker by nature and full of love for family and others. I know this is one of the many things my husband loves about me. We help and encourage one another every day of our lives and have done so for nearly 45 yrs. It was always clear that both of us were responsible for the household and have consistently agreed upon the decisions that were made. We’ve both been faithful to not disagree in front of our children. “Your dad and I are a team,” and “God has placed your dad as the leader of our family” are all phrases that still echo in my mind as we were raising our children. My own parents were excellent role models for me growing up because this is how I saw them. They did not conflict or compete with each other, but were part of God’s harmonious design.

Now, as a mother of two grown married girls myself and three precious little grandchildren, I am humbly aware that I am the first example of a Sydney - pix 1wife, mother and grandmother that my family sees. By God’s grace, my husband and I hope to always model before them what it means to walk as redeemed sinners in our marriage relationship. I pray our children and grandchildren will believe His Word more than anything we will ever do or say. I also pray they will remember me looking into their eyes and telling them the same thing my mother told me, “God made you Emily and Sydney to be beautiful, sensitive and caring little girls and He made you, Daniel, to be a strong and determined little boy.  And, THIS IS GOOD!”

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01 Apr

A Word In Due Season!

2015 (4-1-2015) A Word in Due Season

When we seek the Lord and want that word of direction or change in our life; would we really heed that word?  What if it meant completely changing the direction of our life? What if that meant picking up and moving across the country?  What if that meant moving half way around the world?

“One word from God settles a matter” has been spoken recently by Bishop Kirby Clements from Atlanta, Georgia and I have been watching it happen.  Recently I have been witness to God moving in powerful ways among my church family, my immediate family and my ministry family (outside of the church).  There is a powerful sense of family being knit together for “such a time as this”. For several people surrounding me in this season and these circles; they have listened to the Lord’s voice

When we listen and obey, He honors us. This is what we are seeing; His honor and glory being poured out upon us.  This obedience is not merely the obeying of a taskmaster. It is relational, and the only reason He instructs us is because He knows the abundance of life, purpose and potential He has for us. If He asks us to do the “hard” thing, it’s because it is ultimately going to free us up to live in His potential for us.

God wants us to partner with Him. As He walked in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve, He also wants to be with us.  He created us to be in relationship and covenant with Him.  What if we continually presented ourselves to Him, eagerly desiring His presence, and His words rather than waiting until we were in desperation mode.  He wishes to be in constant harmony, not having to call out “Where are you?” as he eventually needed to in the garden.

2012 (4-1-2012) Grandchildren are Sunshine to the SoulThe following story of my grandson, Jack, illustrates this point well.

Jack my grandson, was about 2 1/2 years old at the time.

As I was working in the kitchen and Jack was playing in the living room out of my sight.  He comes running into the kitchen and grabs my leg and says, “here I am, here I am”; as though….I was looking for him or not to worry Mimi because I am right here and I am ok.

His vocal tones contained worry, fear and as though I was searching for him.

The feeling this gave me was….how great my love is for Jack….how I loved the fact that he came running to me to let me know he was ok.  He came to me as I am a safe haven for him. He knows that I love him and I would protect him from anything.

I heard the Father say to me, “Now you know how I feel”

2015 (4-1-2015) Good SeasonAs I meditated on this; it made me think of how the Father feels when we come to Him.  The great LOVE He has for us.  I thought about how we tend to shy away from the Father when we think or feel unworthy but the feeling of love He has for us does not change.

Since God the Father IS LOVE; the love He has for us has to be beyond what I felt when my grandson came running to me.

This brought a great delight to me when the Father says, “this is what I have for you my child”.

There can be a multitude of reasons we shy away from the Father rather than run to him……but we need to correct this un-natural behavior.

Yes, I said un-natural behavior because what I have seen and heard my grandson do….seems to be a natural reaction that we should have with our heavenly Father.

Psalm 32:8-11

I will instruct you and teach(to lay a foundation) you in the way(on your journey) which you should go;

I will counsel (direct) you with My eye upon you.

Do not be as the horse or as the mule which have no understanding (to be intelligent, distinguishing between good and evil, superior knowledge).

Whose trappings include bit and bridle to hold them in check,

Otherwise, they will not come near you.

Many are the sorrows of the wicked;

But he who trust in the Lord,

LovingKindness (the attitude of Love containing Mercy) shall surround him.

Be glad in the Lord and rejoice,

You righteous ones,

And shout for joy,

All you who are upright(just, to be made even, lawful ( straight shooter)) in heart.

Let us all run to the Father without bit and bridle.  Let us learn what is natural from a two year old about how much our Father in heaven loves us and wants us to run to Him no matter what we have done or not done and no matter our circumstances.

The Father in heaven Loves you, and within that incredible love is instruction. It ALWAYS produces Life and Life more abundant!

2015 (4-1-2015) Ronda Olson** Ronda Olson is a dear friend of mine from Wisconsin. My husband and I have known Ronda and her husband, Pastor Steve, for nearly twenty years. They serve in ministry at Living Word Chapel in Forest , Wisconsin. They founded “Impact Ministries” ~ a ministry that restores hope and purpose to those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and assist them as they integrate back into society.

Pastor Ronda has a heart for the hurting and a sensitivity to the Spirit of God that accentuates her ministry. Her heart of compassion touches lives everywhere she goes. Those who know her are deeply blessed….that includes me. 🙂


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26 Mar

IN HIS PRESENCE 2015 – Immersed In His Love!

2015 (3-26-2015) In HIs Presence

Greetings Ladies:

I trust that you are enjoying the warmer temperatures and the burst of spring blooms so apparent everywhere.

You will soon be receiving an Evite to In His Presence 2015 – Immersed In His Love. It will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, 9:30AM to 1:30PM. (Light Buffet Breakfast 9:30 to 10:00A.M.). Do save the date. Plan to be a part of this spirit to spirit experience. You will enjoy an opportunity to enter into a time of intimacy with the Lord, receive personal ministry and share sweet fellowship with a beautiful community of women. You will also be blessed by the prophetic ministry of Minister Sheila Rhodes. It will be a time of refreshing and renewing.


Regarding the Evite, if you will be attending the event you must register by confirming with a “YES” on the Evite. This is critical for planning purposes. If you wish to invite a guest, simply forward me her email address so that she may receive and respond to her own Evite. You may send it to: [email protected]. This will greatly help us to accurately keep track of the headcount under one domain.

When you receive your Evite, reply to it as soon as possible since space is limited. Once capacity is reached the “Reply” window at the Evite site will automatically close. If you encounter this problem contact me. I will be keeping abreast of cancellations. If you need to cancel after confirming, kindly adjust your Evite reply, accordingly.

*There is not an admission fee for this event. However, to help defray the costs, we will ask for a love offering at the event.

I, along with the ladies of Castlewood, look forward to seeing you there.

Peace & Blessings!                                                                                                                                                                               Pastor Oya Townsley ~ Castlewood Christian Ministries

*****************************************                                                                                                                                           Minister Sheila RhodesAs a pastor’s wife, Sheila Rhodes has been involved in ministry for 37 years, speaking at women’s conferences, ministering in churches and has traveled to other states and countries. She has a special anointing for ministering to women and has birthed and led vibrant Ladies Ministries at the mega-church where she and her husband served. She embraces the supernatural moving of God’s Spirit as she ministers. Flowing in the Word of Knowledge and Prophetic Insight, people receive personal ministry that renews their lives and restores hope.

Sheila’s Heart Ministry Blog: www.sheilasheart.com

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05 Mar


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13, NIV

God is our source and strength. He is the bearer of hope. This is all true.

But as I think about the lovely friends God has placed in my life, I’m discovering a correlation between friendship and hope.

2015 (3-5-2015)

Friends, it occurs to me, are hope embodied. Hopefulness made flesh.

Oh, sure, there are friendships that don’t add hope to your life. Sometimes you’re the one who has to do the lifting up, who helps carry the heavy burdens. Truthfully, it’s part of the give and take of a relationship. Sometimes it’s hard, and occasionally it feels like work. But, it doesn’t feel like work when shared between yourself and someone else who takes the power and responsibility of friendship to heart.

2015 (3-5-2015) Friendship Needs No WordsWhen you think about the friends who make you smile, who always believe in you, who have higher goals for you, expectations of you, and possess a certainty many levels beyond what you can summon for yourself—well, isn’t there sort of an effervescent hopefulness there? It’s like a joy that bubbles up from deep within your soul.  There’s a sense of wholeness because they “get” you—even if they don’t agree with you. Right?  There’s a comfort I’m convinced born from the knowledge of realizing they have a place in your heart and in your life?

I’m convinced that friends are gifts from God. As I look around, I see so many people that didn’t just happen into my life. Sometimes there are coincidences, but more often there are deliberate arrangements. And I know without a doubt that God placed these people smack dab into my life. The friendship renews me. The strength of the bond is unusual and the joy—irreplaceable and undeniable.

My friends have taught me, learned from me and me from them, walked beside me and gently placed me back on track with their words of encouragement when it was needed most. My friends have prayed for me when I called upon them for agreement in prayer over a situation. They have lifted me up in more ways than I can count. We have shared laughter and tears as well as chocolate and coffee. My friends take time to show me they really and truly care.

Diane Ackerman has said, “I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.”

My friends have made my life wide and full and for this…I am deeply grateful!

2015 A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourselfAmong the countless reasons I have to give thanks for my friends, I am mostly grateful for hope. The hopefulness that fills the moments when we’re together sharing and the residue of hope that remains after we part are lasting. The invisible but unbreakable bonds forged across computer networks never stop amazing me. The tenderness God reveals in moments of intercession in prayer makes me grateful for my friends. And, the exuberant joy that bubbles forth into laughter makes me joyful always for the friends God has placed in my life over the years.

 OH, the hope, the beautiful indescribable hope for friends placed in my life as a gift from God ~ God, the source of all hope ~the source of our lives and our joy.

But—look. Look in the mirror. It’s not just you that I see. I see Him in you. And I know He brought you, my friend, into my life for a reason ~ a purpose. A true friend shows me how real, how present and pervasive hope can be in my life. My life is richer because of friends!



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18 Feb


2015 (2-17-2015) Love Letter in red


“I only wish that it were you that I was bringing back. I can hardly wait for the hour to come when I can pull out of this town headed toward you.”

2015 (2-17-2015) Angier HomeThese are the heartfelt words written in a LOVE LETTER “74” years ago to my mother on March 24, 1942 by my father. Daddy’s “Love Letter” was recently discovered in a wall of the home where I grew up as a child and young adult in North Carolina. This house is over a hundred years old and is now being renovated because a fire partially destroyed it over three and a half years ago. The inside of the house was ruined by fire and smoke. However; most of the outside structure of the house remained.  The letter was discovered in excellent condition and the priceless sentimental treasure and joy this letter has brought me is the best gift ever! It brought tears to my eyes as I read it a few days ago… tears like an over flowing fountain.

2015 (2-17-2015) LOVE LETTERReceiving and reading this letter brought back a flood of emotions since both my parents are now with the Lord. Emotions of love, missing, sadness, longing to see them again and remembering what life was like in a home where I knew I was so loved, assured and valued.  Seeing daddy’s familiar handwriting and realizing his genuine and sincere felt love for mother was almost over whelming as I read his two page letter. The letter was written when mother was in her first year teaching public school in Mt. Airy N.C. (Andy Griffith’s Home Town) and my father was coaching ball and a first year teacher in Jacksonville, N.C. They were sharing about their upcoming wedding and the letter reflects their plans, desires and excitement of seeing one another again really soon.

I’ve discovered as every year passes and seasons of life change that things that used to be very important to me are no longer as important anymore. The most valuable ingredient to my happiness in life is my relationship with the Lord and my relationship with family. The values that were (and still are) instilled in me as a child set the course of my life as an adult. I will forever be indebted to my parents for the gift of a good and loving home environment, memorable times with my brother and sister as well as a deep conviction in my heart that I was always loved and would always be loved no matter what.

2013 (10-2-2013) me as a little child sitting between my parents2013 (10-1-2013) Me as a child - biting my lip in the picture2013 (10-1-2013) Me as a little child with mother and daddy

Daddy’s LOVE LETTER written “74” yrs ago showed me that Love cannot keep quiet. It has to tell of its love! And, after “74” yrs of being hidden away in an attic someplace and finally discovered in the wall of a burned out house…this love continues to be told. It has now been discovered all over again and this time by myself, my sister and my brother. It was a memory lost forever until it was discovered in my daddy’s LOVE LETTER to my mother.

In Proverbs 31, King Lemuel’s mother gave wise counsel to her son as to the kind of wife he should find. Apparently, my daddy found that kind of wife in my mother…and his love confirmed it. When you are loved like the love I discovered in this letter a few days ago, you understand that you don’t have to earn anything for that kind of love and favor. You don’t have to charm or pretend you’re something that you’re not.

2015 (2-17-2015 ) love letter from daddy

Some unexpected and extraordinary blessings in life are like rainbows after rain OR a “74” year old LOVE LETTER found in the wall of a burned out house – all are Gifts waiting to be discovered on an ordinary day!

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11 Feb

Needing Courage – Expect The Peace of God to Be Right With You!

2015 (2-11-2015) Expect Great Things

Have you ever needed courage to walk through a door…the kind of door that you knew without a doubt God was opening just for you? Well, I have certainly walked through some doors over the years where I knew God was the only one who could have opened the door. I got so excited thinking about all the possibilities this “Open Door” could bring.  However, I’m remembering how anxiousness tried to hi-jack my peace and joy. Don’t you hate when this happens? You are so giddy with expectation of what the Lord is about to do and anxiousness decides it wants to crash the party.

These are the spots in our lives where we must focus and meditate on the promises of God’s Word, to not give way to that anxiousness.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. – John 14:27

2015 (2-11-2015) Peace with GodThese are the moments in our walk with the Lord that put our faith into action for the entire world to see. Do we believe God or the ugly lies we are being fed.  I don’t know about you, but I choose God. So often we muster up the strength and courage to walk through those open doors in our lives. Only to tremble once we’re in the room for any number of reasons. It’s unfamiliar. It’s dark. It’s empty. It’s quiet. It’s loud. It’s cold, etc… We tend to forget the second part of Deuteronomy 31:6He will never leave you or forsake you.  We act as if when we walked through the door we walked in alone. To the contrary. We walked in holding the hand of Jesus as He leads the way. Remember, nothing catches Him by surprise.

2013 (10-16-2013) Bridge 5x7Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:6-7

As you may find yourself in that quiet, empty room, not knowing what to expect, just expect.  Expect His peace and joy to abound. Expect, exceedingly and abundantly. Fill the quiet room with praises of joy and thanksgiving. The Lord will take that empty room and fill it with His promises. Although at times you may not care for some of the pieces He chooses for the room, in the end they all work together, for His glory and our sanctification.

2014 (6-16-2014) Every day is a new dayNow that you found the courage to walk through the door with me, watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong (1Cor. 16:13) and open your eyes, to see all the beauty and splendor He sets before you as your faith increases and anxiousness decreases.


Now may the Lord of peace Himself give you peace always in every way.

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06 Feb

How To Receive The Fullness of Healing In Your Life!

God is the Giver of all things good and He has a plan for the fullness of your healing, which includes physical, emotional, relational and spiritual growth that is designed specifically for you.

2015 (2-6-2015) healing

Pastor Charles Stanley from Atlanta, Georgia writes, “Adversity is not simply a tool. It is God’s most effective tool for the advancement of our spiritual lives. The circumstances and events that we see as setbacks are oftentimes the very things that launch us into periods of intense spiritual growth. Once we begin to understand this, and accept it as a spiritual fact of life, adversity becomes easier to bear.”

2013 (1-21-2013) Broken Things Can Become Blessed Things...Suffering may be someone’s fault or it may not be anyone’s fault. But if given to God, our suffering becomes an opportunity to experience the power of God at work in our lives and to give glory to Him. Always remember that God can do anything. He can even bring healing when you least expect it.

Last Sunday there was a profound and Biblically accurate message on healing by Dr. David Cooper, Senior Pastor of Mt. Paran Church in Atlanta, Ga.  I believe it would be worth your time to watch this healing service by clicking the link below. I’ve heard a lot of messages on healing (My husband has personally taught on these things many times and we have prayed for others to be healed). Please click the link below to view one of the most biblically accurate and practical messages that you can find anywhere on healing.



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20 Jan

May You Find His Presence In The Midst of Your Circumstances!

May You Find His Presence In The Midst of Your Circumstances!

2015 (1-20-2015) PeaceDo you feel as if you’re drowning? Perhaps, every time you take 2 steps forward, you go 5 steps backward? And maybe you feel God has forsaken you although the Word says He will never leave you nor forsake you? Have you lost all joy and barely making it through the day?

Would it be alright if I told you, “Everything will be okay”? I know what it’s like; I’ve been there many, many times!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel. God is walking alongside you, and whispering to you that He loves you and wants to quiet your mind and soul. He sees that you are restless and those sleepless nights with tears. He knows your thoughts and wants to comfort you. In His presence there is fullness of joy. Let His presence and joy overtake you. And may you find His presence and comfort in the midst of your circumstances as you read His Word below.

Four ways to experience God’s peace:

  1. Jesus tells us in John 14:27 that He has left us with a gift- peace of mind and heart. This peace the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled and afraid.
  2. We can have peace through prayer – Phil. 4:4-7
  3. Fix your thoughts on Jesus, always – Isaiah 26:3
  4. May the Lord of peace Himself give you His peace at all times and in every situation. God will be with you. – 2 Thess. 3:16

Now, rest in His presence and walk in His peace, this is His will for you, dear friends.

2015 (1-20-2015) When You have God Everything is Going to be okay

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