01 Jul

A Prophetic Weekend At Living Word Chapel!



“LIVING WORD CHAPEL, I am creating something new in you: a bubbling spring of Joy that spills over into other’s lives. Do not mistake this Joy for your own or try to take credit for it in any way. Instead, watch in delight as My Spirit flows through you to bless others. Let yourself become a reservoir of the Spirit’s fruit. Your part is to live close to Me, open to all that I am doing in you. Don’t try to control the streaming of My Spirit through you. Just keep focusing on Me as we walk through this day and journey together. Enjoy My Presence, which permeates you with Love, Joy, and Peace.”

*This prophetic word that came to Living Word Chapel set the tone for God’s amazing move of the Holy Spirit in this body of believers.

pix 25

* Bishop Randy, Pastor Ginger, Pastors and Leaders of Ministries

The prophetic weekend that Dan and I just experienced at Living Word Chapel in Forrest, Wisconsin was EPIC and EXPLOSIVE in the spirit realm. Honestly, it was like a ‘Holy Spirit Tsunami’ moved in among us and we all were riding the crest of the wave. The ministry on Saturday morning for several hours among the “Prophetic Presbytery” was spontaneous, spirit led, and powerful with encouragement and healing filling our sails. Dan’s message entitled, “Sailing Into The Wind” brought the people on Sunday morning to a clearer understanding of the power that God gives us when we are IN THE SPIRIT.

Never have I seen such a group of pastors and leaders in such unity. We were left almost speechless at what we observed and experienced because it was undeniable that this prophetic congregation and leadership knew how to worship God with purity of heart and freedom of the Spirit.  The congregation was as intense in their worship as the musicians and singers on stage. What a beautiful environment for the Lord to dwell. He had to have been pleased.

pix 47pix 26pix 27

pix 14pix 8pix 12

The love and honor towards us from Bishop Randy, Pastor Ginger, their pastors and leadership as well as the congregation was such a beautiful blessing . There was such “freedom” to be who God had called us to be as we flowed in ministry with Bishop Randy and Pastor Ginger to the people. The openness of hearts to receive from the Lord, the spirit worship that immediately ushered everyone into the presence of God, the purity of His Word being taught and preached, the spontaneous moving of the Holy Spirit among leadership and congregation as well as the dynamics of the Word of Knowledge and prophetic words lifted everyone into the very presence of the Living God and where every need could be met…Every Need!

pix 21IMG_3562pix 20

Thank You Bishop Randy, Pastor Ginger, all the leadership and congregation of LWC for opening your heart, mind and spirit to what God wanted for you. Every one of us was touched and changed in a powerful way because of His presence and anointing this past weekend.

I keep reflecting and processing the weekend we have just shared and I keep saying, “What a prophetic gathering this was!”


IMG_3542IMG_3545pix 2

pix 13pix 43pix 42

pix 40pix 39pix 38

pix 41pix 37pix 36

pix 35pix 34pix 33

pix 32pix 30pix 29

pix 28pix 31pix 17

pix 46pix 49pix 48


IMG_3565IMG_3564pix 23

pix 18pix 19pix21

pix 11pix 5IMG_3582

pix 24Bishop Randy and Pastor Ginger have been our “Dearest of Friends” for 32 years now. This kind of friendship is eternal and we’re grateful to God for the tremendous blessing the two of them are in our lives! Heaven is smiling, we are joyful and LIFE IS GOOD!

Randy and Ginger…we love you to the moon and back!!!!!!!!! 🙂










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23 Jun


2015 (4-28-2015) Theme for Retreat in Ohio

I am still reflecting upon all that God did among us and in our midst while in Ohio ministering last month (May 27th – May 30th) with my husband, Dan. 2015 (6-23-2015) photo 3It was a powerful weekend of ministry, fellowship and love at Community of the Holy Spirit in Willoughby, Ohio. That weekend left us all in “awe” of His presence as we raised our expectations to the supernatural possibilities of what God was capable of doing in and through us as the Body of Christ. The theme of the weekend ministry was from Romans 12:2 of how God transforms us by the renewing of our minds and to become more Christ like. We did something different by meeting separately with the men and women. Mother Judy Fisher, Minister Vicki Fisher, Elder Laura Pinoniemi and I brought the ministry to the ladies at an all day Saturday retreat. Pastor Chris Fisher and Dan had an invigorating discussion and sharing time with the men. In addition to teachings, there was the dynamite flow of the Holy Spirit with words of knowledge, healing and prophetic ministry to all. Everyone discovered on that transformation weekend that the same Jesus who turned water into wine can transform their home, life, family and future. He is still in the miracle-working business, and His business is the business of transformation.

The photos below capture the spirit of that amazing weekend that was ignited by the Fire of God! I was overjoyed,  honored and deeply grateful for the beautiful opportunity to be used by the Lord and to bring His grace, love and maturity to His people!

pix 1

pix 74pix 75pix 50

pix 48pix 46pix 43

pix 45pix 51pix 52

pix 54pix 44pix 13

pix 12pix 11pix 9

pix 8pix 71pix 31

pix 70pix 60pix 37

pix 61pix 57pix 53

pix 65pix 64pix 63

pix 34pix 58pix 33


pix 36pix 4pix 5

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pix 67pix 66pix 62

pix 30pix 41pix 27

pix 7pix 6pix 29

pix 55pix 2pix 24

pix 20pix 15pix 18

pix 17pix 76pix 56

pix 42pix 3pix 19

As You Can See From The Photos ~ It was an AMAZING Weekend!!!!!




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03 May

2015 “IN HIS PRESENCE ~ Immersed In His Love” Ladies Ministry

pix 1 - Copy - Copy

2015 “IN HIS PRESENCE ~ Immersed In His Love” Ladies Ministry

With Pastor Oya Townsley and Sheila Rhodes

What an absolutely amazing time in the Lord and with one another it was for the ladies who attended the “IN HIS PRESENCE”- Immersed In His Love ministry on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  The ministry was done with such EXCELLENCE, LOVE, CREATIVITY and SPIRIT! Pastor Oya Townsley hosted the ministry event at Castlewood Christian Ministries and her team of ladies created such a beautiful and peaceful environment for the Spirit of the Lord to move and dwell among us. It was a glorious day in His Presence! So much love, time, energy, prayer and creative thought had gone into making this day a very special and memorable time for everyone.

pix 2The theme of the ministry was “Immersed In His Love.” Corrie Ten Boom (1892 Dutch Christian) once described being immersed in God’s love like this: “We need to plunge into the ocean of God’s love. We must take a running jump, a deep dive, into that ocean, throwing ourselves into the lake of His love.”  



pix 16Can you imagine plunging into the ocean of God’s love, swimming in it, being surrounded by it, immersed in it and completely filled to overflowing? This love that God gives us freely…is an everlasting love!  Jeremiah 31:3 says: I have loved you with an everlasting love. Therefore; I have drawn you with loving kindness.” This isn’t just any kind of love. This is an intimate love. It’s the kind of love that truly knows you. It’s an eternal love…a love that goes from the past…through the present…to the future. God takes us captive in His love so that we can be “set free.”  I want to walk in His Freedom every day of my life. His love is constant. God has never quit loving you and He never will. Always expect love, love and more love. God is love. Even God’s correction is His love extended towards us.

pix 4 - Copy (2)Always remember that when we immerse in God’s presence we do not remain the same. You can’t remain the same in His Presence. We can experience His transforming Grace and begin to become more like Him. We also embrace His peace. While immersed in his love we case all our cares upon Him to allow for the refreshing and renewing of our spirit. How blessed we are to be able to, at any time, delight in God’s love. He says, “Be still (let go of whatever is burdening you) and know that I am God.”



Here are a few of the photos taken at the ministry with the ladies on Saturday, April 25, 2015. The room filled with women who had come with a hungry heart to hear from the Lord and to receive all that He had for them on that day. The “afterglow” of that day’s ministry carried right into Castlewood’s Sunday morning church service. God’s presence was so powerful that all the people could do was… fall on their knees and worship Him!

What a mighty move of the Holy Spirit!

pix 8 - Copy - Copypix 7 - Copy - Copypix 6 - Copy - Copy

pix 3pix 5 - Copypix 15

pix 13 - Copy2015 (4-30-2015) pix of me ministeringpix 14





 AND, a sign that a ministry gathering has been successful is when you notice the ladies just don’t want to leave when it’s over. They formed a long line to enjoy the beautiful buffet and fellowshipped with one another long after the ministry afternoon had ended. Indeed, it was a glorious time on Saturday, April 25, 2015 ….IN HIS PRESENCE!

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06 May

My Cup Runneth Over!

2014 (5-5-2014) photo 52014 (5-5-2014) photoOn Saturday, May 3, 2014 the “IN HIS PRESENCE – BEHIND THE VEIL” ministry to ladies was hosted by Dr. Oya Townsley and her dynamic team of women who helped to make it all happen. It was held at Castlewood Christian Ministries in Lilburn, Ga. Talk about a Move of God among the women last weekend. WOW! Actually, it’s a double WOW!!! The beautiful posting written by Suzanne Mills captures the heart and spirit of what took place. A GREAT BIG heart felt “Thank You” to Dr. Oya and the team. It was a day marked in the Heavenlies!

My Cup Runneth Over!

IMG_1112I have long been on my journey for wanting to draw nearer to the Lord.  I, like most of you, get up early in the morning to read and study the Word, to spend time in prayer. There has been a consistency to this but yet I found myself wanting and needing more. I needed a touch. I hungered to be in His presence. I was seeking the Lord for purpose and direction when I saw the Face Book posting regarding “In His Presence” gathering.  I felt like this was something that I needed to be a part of, something that my spirit needed.  It was on April 15th that I reached out to Sheila and asked if there was any space available.  She said “YOU BET THERE IS….,” so I did what she instructed me to do to get my name on the list.  I was excited and I made sure to clear my schedule for that Saturday, which included getting my daughter to make arrangements to get to the site where she was to be taking the SAT and to get a ride home.  I was going no matter what.

Saturday was exactly what I had hoped it would be.  When I walked in the door I was greeted with a beautiful smile and warm hug from a beautiful lady I hadn’t seen in about ten or more years. It felt good to see so many faces that I once shared my life with and to be received and welcomed after all these years of separation.  I could sense in the atmosphere the stirring of the Spirit even though many were busy preparing for the gathering.  There was an anticipation in the air that was like electricity. Everything was adorned in white and looked beautiful. In the front of the room was a display, if you will, of the veil and the Holy of Holies. It was also beautiful and gave me a visual and a reminder of my place before the throne because of what Christ did at Calvary.  A reminder that I can, as the song says, “hasten to His throne,” that no longer was an intermediary needed, I could go straight to my Father, no more sacrifices had to be made for the atonement of my sins. In His Presence I could be and here I was.  Praise God!

I sensed that every woman there came for something in particular but that we all were there with a hunger for the Spirit, to abide in His presence, to receive a touch from Him. While we were eating and listening to some music we started singing and worshipping as if to say – forget this natural food we want the Spirit, let’s get on with it!  We continued into worship and again I could feel a stirring, a pressing in, a drawing on the Spirit. This is where I wanted to be. Awesome.  We moved into more intimate groups to minister to one another.  The groupings may have been done randomly but was by no means random.  My group was a mix of ages ranging from the 20’s up into 60’s. Ministry flowed from the young to the seasoned and from the seasoned to the young not only in my group, as I looked around the room, in every group. The Bible says “forsake not the gathering of yourselves together” not because you need to go to church to have a relationship with Him but because it is when you come together in like faith that your spirit is refreshed and your faith built up.  As women, we have a LOT on our plates all the time. People and things are always pulling at us wearing us down.  It is gatherings like this where we can be ministered to and where we can pour out of our spirits so that we can be refreshed. “Iron sharpening iron, deep calling unto deep.”

Moving in the Spirit in Gifts is an awesome thing to experience and this gathering was no different.  With the strong hunger and anticipation for the Spirit it was the perfect atmosphere to pull out of Sheila her gift of prophecy.  It was heavy on her, I could sense it and see it.  Through her flowed words of healing, words of gifts of healing, words of new relationships, words of God’s recognition, words of direction, words of restoration, words of transplantation, words of confirmation. It was awesome to watch her flow.  As I sat there watching her and praying for those she was speaking to it was stirring more in me. It is neat how when we give out from ourselves, even when we are in need, that He fills us with more than we give out.  Our heavenly Father wants so much to fill us with His spirit not that we should store it up but that as He pours in He wants us to pour out, to be a conduit for His Spirit.  I was blessed to have Sheila speak directly to me and she was right on the money.  She confirmed some things that she would have only known by the Spirit.  God will almost always give the person giving the prophecy some knowledge that they could only know by the Spirit as a confirmation to the one receiving that the person is prophesying by the Spirit.  Praise God.

After Sheila flowed in the Spirit we were to go one or two at a time behind the veil and to lay before the mercy seat anything that we needed to, any burden, desires….  I felt so full that I could think of nothing to lay before the throne but to say thank you for His life giving Spirit and to offer my life to Him to be used by Him more fully.  What a great way to end the morning then by giving back to Him. I came with great anticipation, I experienced a move of the Spirit, I went before the throne and I left with my cup running over. Praise God!IMG_1132

2014 (5-4-2014) IMG_7349 - Copy2014 (5-4-2014) IMG_7344 - Copy2014 (5-5-2014) photo 32014 (5-4-2014) IMG_73742014 (5-4-2014) IMG_7357 - Copy2014 (5-4-2014) IMG_7367 - Copy2014 (5-5-2014) photoIMG_1131 - Copy

IMG_1135IMG_11362014 (5-5-2014) photo




2014 (5-5-2014) photo 5



2014 (5-5-2014) photoIMG_11352014 (5-5-2014) photo 52014 (5-5-2014) photo 52014 (5-5-2014) photo

2014 (5-5-2014) photo


2014 (5-5-2014) photo 5

2014 (5-5-2014) photo 5



2014 (5-5-2014) photo 5



2014 (5-5-2014) photo 5


2014 (5-5-2014) photo 4IMG_11292014 (5-4-2014) IMG_7376 - Copy

IMG_1131 - Copy


IMG_11362014 (5-4-2014) IMG_7358 - CopyIMG_1143

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14 Apr

In His Presence Ladies Ministry on May 3, 2014 – Sharing With Dr. Oya Townsley

Hey Ladies ~ I invite you to watch this video of the upcoming ministry gathering of ladies with Dr. Oya Townsley and me. It will be a “Prophetic Gathering” on Saturday, May 3rd at 10:00 AM. It would be my joy to see you there! If you want to attend, please contact me or Dr. Oya Townsley. The contact information is on the video.

This Prophetic Gathering of “Spirit-Filled” Ladies are joining together  to receive an impartation of God’s love, healing and personal ministry.

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11 Nov

You Are Beautiful!

This is the Prophetic Word that God put in my heart for the ladies attending the “Mom 2 Mom – Woman 2 Woman” Retreat at Evergreen Marriott Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Under the Spirit Led guidance of First Lady Veronica Simon of Christ’s Messengers Christian Fellowship, Snellville, Georgia ~ The Mothers of Virtue Retreat is a place of healing, wholeness and restoration!

Perhaps, you will find hope and encouragement for your own life through this prophetic word.

“Whether or not you see yourself as physically beautiful, all of you who know and love Me share My beauty ~ The beauty of holiness. Stop looking at your inner flaws and imperfections. Stop looking at the circumstances that surround your life. Stop focusing and dwelling on why you can’t be My vessel of love and light to those surrounding your life. Stop the excuses! Let the beauty of the Lord Your God be upon you this day. See yourself as My child and know My love will empower you to do the things you can’t do in the natural. My love is always available to change you and heal you from the inside out. My power and anointing transforms lives.  My love will continue to engulf you as you draw closer to me and hunger to know me more intimately. Inner Beauty is a gift from Me to you ~ a gift won by Jesus himself on Calvary’s cross. This inner beauty is like the facets of a diamond, with each detail adding something to the whole. And, at its heart, “The Beauty of the Lord.” Your beauty comes from the Living God ~ the beauty of the Lord himself! From this point on, Your personal story is changing…it’s My Story for your life…one of Redemption, one of Hope, one of Forgiveness, one of Healing, one of Restoration, one of Purpose and Divine Destiny, Grace and Mercy!” ~

My prayer ~Beautiful Savior, wrap us in your grace today as you remind us of your limitless love. Teach us to trust your assurances that you have made us truly and eternally beautiful. Amen!”


EXPLOSIVE” is the one word that comes to mind about the “Mom 2 Mom – Woman 2 Woman” Retreat this past weekend! And, was it ever. There was such a BUZZ among the ladies as you entered the room where the ministry event was taking place. The BUZZ reached a momentum as the day progressed with each speaker’s ministry bringing everyone right into the presence of the Lord. The love in that room was electrifying! It drew you right into a place of receiving healing, wholeness and restoration.

First Lady Veronica Simon has to be one of the most gracious ladies I have ever known. The love of Jesus just flows from her and her God given gifting reaches out to everyone who comes into her presence.  Veronica’s hugs are contagious in the most wonderful kind of way. She is sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and along with her team of ladies who assist ~ they prepared the most beautiful and inviting environment for the Lord to dwell among us at the retreat. With all the preparations and all the prayers over this gathering, God honored us with His Presence, Power and Anointing!

All of the presenters at this year’s retreat were dynamic in their individual callings and anointings. It was like a beautiful tapestry being woven right before our eyes as each speaker stepped into their gifting. There was such a flowing of God’s Spirit as lives were touched and transformed by His power that day. A big heartfelt “Thank You” to all the presenters – First Lady/Pastor Veronica Simon, Lolita McNeal, Judith Fletcher, Dr. Oya Townsley, Pastor Kimberly Moore and me.  This event could not have taken place without all the behind the scenes ladies that assisted to make it all possible and the wonderful ladies who came to receive. 


*Each of us are deeply touched by what the Lord did this past weekend and are still walking in the “After Glow.”

IMG_5583IMG_55822013 (11-11-2013) photo of me before the M2M retreat

2013 (11-7-2013) Mom 2 MomIMG_5580IMG_5579









2013 (11-7-2013) Mom 2 Mom

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11 Nov

You Are Beautiful!

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16 Oct

Crossing Over in the Spirit Realm!

Crossing Over in the Spirit Realm!

Do you have a place in time where you were so thirsty for God that you were willing to cross over a bridge to find “Living Water” – no matter the cost?  You allowed the breath of God to breathe healing, hope, joy, restoration and new life into a situation that only the Holy Spirit could know.  This past weekend Pastor Dan Rhodes, his wife, Sheila, My husband, Steve, and I experienced just that at the Community of the Holy Spirit Church in Willoughby, Ohio.  It was The living Word in action! Ezekiel 37: 9, 10 came prophesying to dry bones.  These bones were dead, with no life but when God’s breath came….they came to life – “Prophesy to the breath, prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath, Thus says the Lord God:  Come from the four winds, O breath and breathe on these slain, that they may live. So I prophesied!!!”

2013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5591This weekend at Community of the Holy Spirit Church in Willoughby, Ohio people came hungry for God’s Spirit to move among them and to touch their life. They came not because they simply showed up to church one weekend but because they were stirred by the breath of God through Pastor Chris, Minister Vicki, Mother Judy, and the leaders of this church weeks ahead of time.  A conference of this size comes with a price naturally and spiritually.  It started with the leadership and the people praying, fasting and preparing for a move of God to take CHS into a deeper walk with Christ.  It took men and women behind the scenes to provide financially, to prepare the food, to clean the sanctuary, to set-up tables and to organize notebooks. As we arrived Friday, before the Conference even began, we met with the leaders of this church to worship and pray for the Breath of God to move upon this place. We were calling out to God to breathe a powerful anointing for those who came to speak, teach, prophesy and worship. To walk in Deeper Waters you will always pay a price for preparation.

Saturday and Sunday were the fruits that came from this preparation.  I experienced almost instantaneously the Holy Spirit moving in power through a group of people who came thirsty and hungry to hear.  The blending of the gifts of the Spirit moved effortlessly as Pastor Chris led us into worship. Worship opens the door of Heaven to move upon the people.  Pastor Dan and Steve taught the Word through illustration and demonstration, which opened Deeper Waters for the people to receive.  The gift of prophesy flowed through Sheila because the people received this Word and were hungry. Sunday, we all crossed over a bridge in the natural as we laid our concerns and cares down and took the next step spiritually to move forward as God called us individually and corporately. Visions, through Minister Vicki came to life as she stepped into the Deeper Waters and saw dry clay shattering off the lives of people who are now restored.  I was given the opportunity to release my gifting, as an artist and to paint on canvas as the Spirit flowed. During the closing remarks, I presented my two Spirit Canvas Paintings to the church as a reminder of what God did for us this weekend.

Walking in the Spirit realm requires us to walk in Deeper Living Waters and yield ourselves to what God is saying in and through our lives.  It requires us to be mindful when the Holy Spirit is telling us to read the Word, pray for those in need, forgive those who have hurt you and restore the broken hearted.  This may not always be in a building that we go to on Sunday called the church.  We are the church!.  Prophesy should also be released – in your workplace, in your home, in the “world” where the lost are found.  Walking in the Spirit is a 24/7 opportunity to touch someone’s life.  Before you ever speak a word over someone, make sure it lines up with the Word of God.   The Fruits of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) is a sure key to knowing if your words line up. Be sure that whenever you begin moving into the Realm of the Holy Spirit, you will be invading the powers of evil that attempt to rule the world. Remember that even if Satan tries to hinder or thwart you after a move of God like this, the Lord can take that which is evil and turn it to good (Genesis 50:20).

 I met new friends who I can now call family – brothers and sisters in Christ who encouraged me and blessed me.  Pastor Chris, Minister Vicki and the leaders were so gracious, loving and generous to us all and for this we are eternally grateful. ~~~This beautiful posting was written by Robin Shirreffs who did the Spirit Canvas Paintings at CHS this past weekend.)

2013 (10-16-2013) Bridge 5x7


2013 (10-16-2013) IMG_5581IMG_5246IMG_5250








2013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5685IMG_5322IMG_5328

IMG_5332IMG_53332013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5623

2013 (10-16-2013) 5652 pictureIMG_56132013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5596


2013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_57032013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_57092013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5721

2013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_57272013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5752IMG_5770



2013 (10-16-2013) aIMG_5771IMG_5777IMG_5708



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10 May

IN HIS PRESENCE Ladies Gathering – The Power of His Presence!

 “IN HIS PRESENCE LADIES GATHERING”– Captured through photos!

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - praying (compressed)The Power of God’s presence at the “In His Presence” Ladies Gathering on Saturday, May 4, 2013 in the beautiful home of Dr. Oya Townsley was nothing less than a GLORY DAY!  The day was filled with “Anointed Moments” where the extraordinary happened with something life changing transpiring in lives. There was no denying that all in attendance were transcending to another level in the Lord!  

Dr. Oya’s home was filled to capacity with ladies who came with a hungry heart to hear and receive something special from God. And…they received what they were looking for ~ plus some. What an amazing time of fellowship and ministry…such warmth and genuine Christ love for one another. What an outpouring of God’s anointing upon that gathering!  Just being in this kind of environment will heal a wounded heart, body or spirit.

Dr. Oya and I were ‘willing vessels’ for God to use in any way He chose. I still am reflecting upon all that took place and how the Lord worked among us. The praise reports continue to come forth from those who attended the ministry gathering. The Lord just came into the room and sat down in the midst of us! What an experience ~ I’m still in the “Afterglow” of that Glory Day!  

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering -sign (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gatheirng - Food Display (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - two ladies (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - 2 ladies (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Prsesence - Afie (compressed)2013( 5-10-2013) IN His Presence Gathering - worship (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - worship (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Yvonne (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Oya at pulpit (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful picture of Oya at pulpit (compressed)2013 5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - praying (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering -praying over lady (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering...Mryna (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - raised hands (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - Praying (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - Belinda (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Oya and Myrna (compressed)2013 (5-13-2013) Merna and friend - compressed

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Oya and me (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - me ministering to Mryna and friend2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Myrna and her friend (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Me ministering to a lady (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - me at the pulpit (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - ladies crying before the Lord (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - ladies  (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful pix of women in worship (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence -  Cheryl Gonzalez (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful young girl - (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful lady (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - A lady worshipping  

2013 (5-13-2013) Darlene - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) Yuvonne prasing God - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) picture of Cheryl Gonzalez - compressed

2013 (5-13-2013) Oya praising God - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) Me praying over someone - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) lady praising the Lord -compressed

2013 (5-13-2013) Darlene - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) Latino lady - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) me praising the Lord - compressed

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful pix of women in worship (compressed)



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11 Nov

A Mountain Top Encounter!

“It Is A Wrap!  The M2M, W2W Retreat was out of this world! The friendships, the fellowships, the pure Power of God electrified every aspect of this retreat. Lady Veronica you allowed the Lord to use you to take us in a higher realm in him! Honey let me tell you something, your obedience and humbleness has not gone unseen. Great Woman of God is your reward that is coming.” (Pastor Amy Ward from Kinston, North Carolina)

The Mom 2 Mom /Woman 2 Woman Retreat was held in a breathtaking location at the Evergreen Marriott in Stone Mountain, Georgia this past weekend. The morning sessions were a wonderful blend of testimonies, Affirmations of our walk with God and a cultural expression of “love” through dance. The afternoon was an electrifying experience with the Lord. The environment was charged with God’s love, fellowship of the saints, and His power unleashed like a Firecracker Explosion! The prophetic was flowing freely from every speaker and the Spirit Dynamics of the room was life changing. Ladies came from all over Atlanta as well as other parts of Georgia and North Carolina. Indeed, it became a “Mountain Top Encounterin God for everyone! He did not disappoint. He never does you know. Anytime you walk into a ministry setting where there is a BUZZWATCH OUT, something is about to happen! The photos below capture the spirit of the weekend.

Thank you to all the presenters at the retreat for allowing God’s gifting in you to be used for His Glory and honor in such a powerful way and so uninhibited.  Thank You to all the beautiful and precious ladies who came with such open hearts to hear and receive from God. Everyone in the room left on Saturday filled to the brim with more than they ever thought possible.

And…most of all…Thank You Veronica Simon for your sensitivity to God and walking in obedience to His leading. Because of this weekend ministry to the ladies, lives have been touched and changed by His power forever. That’s what His anointing does! 



OH YES INDEED, it was a “Mountain Top Encounter” like non-other!





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