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It was late spring and my husband and I had made a deliberate decision weeks in advance that we wanted to attend the 2015 International Communion of Charismatic Churches Conference in May that was to be held at the beautiful and very classy Westin Hotel near the Atlanta Airport. We seldom go to conferences like this unless invited and when the Lord impresses our heart we need to do so. I must say that both of us were genuinely excited about attending this gathering and looking forward to all that would transpire over those 3 days and nights. We knew this “ICCC” Conference was the timing of the Lord and that Bishops, Pastors and Ministers from around the world would be in attendance. Honestly, we just wanted to receive and to partake of the inspiration of what God was doing in the church and the world. And yes, it was just wonderful being a part of something that was bigger than us!

2012 (2-21-2012) butterfly on flowerThe first night of the conference we arrived rather early so we could get our seat in this very large room where there was stadium seating. As we came into the room, I immediately began checking out the room as I quietly asked the Lord where we should sit. People were beginning to find their places and settle in. Yes, I ask God about something as simple as where we should sit. That’s important!  Little did I know that inquiring of the Lord about where to sit would lead to a “DIVINE CONNECTION.” We sat next to a couple who were Senior Pastors of a church in Memphis, Tennessee. Actually, they pastor two churches and are about our same age with many decades of ministry experiences. As the evening progressed at the conference and the prophetic stirring of the Holy Spirit ignited in the room, we learned this couple had been seeking God for quite some time for Godly mentors – one for them personally as well as their ministry. One where they knew they would be safe in sharing their heart in complete vulnerability. Now, it has been three months since the conference ended and since we met and connected with Pastors LC and Terri. We have had weekly sharing times over the phone for at least an hour every Thursday for the past three months. This is a “DIVINE CONNECTION” that both my husband and I recognized very quickly…One that ONLY GOD could have established. It’s the kind of “Divine Connection” where trust has been established in an environment of love, vulnerability and safety over the past months. Now, we look forward to these weekly phone calls where they know and we know that it is “IRON SHARPENING IRON” kind of sharing and interaction with one another. We are looking forward to having Pastors LC and Terri in our home in the very near future.

Since this “Divine Connection” with Pastors LC and Terri, the Lord has led two more seasoned pastors of two different churches into our lives for a weekly time of sharing and opening our heart, home, and ministry to one another.

2015 (8-9-2015) RobinI’ve asked the question a few times lately, “What’s God Up To” with these Divine Connections happening where others are seeking us out? I am recognizing the desire they have for a safe place to share and interact with seasoned eldership in ministry about their own ministry (the good, the bad and the ugly), their family and the things of God and to be received with an open heart of love where there is oneness of spirit with no condemnation. Listening is a gift! I’ve discovered that most people rather talk about themselves than listen to the heart and needs of another.  There are pastors and leaders all across this nation who often need a listening ear and someone  willing to speak with Godly wisdom into situations where it has not been possible before.  I’m realizing there are pastors and ministry leaders of all ages who genuinely need a “SAFE PLACE”- A Divine Connection – from the Lord where they can just be themselves without being judged or criticized.  I love people with an open and receptive heart!

A “DIVINE CONNECTION” is foremost where trust can be established. It’s the kind of connection that only God can set up. It’s where someone can feel safe as they share some of their innermost joys and deepest sorrows and concerns if needed. It’s the type of connection where they are drawn to you and you to them. Not everyone will be drawn to you but when God does it….It’s A GOD SET UP – A “Divine Connection” where it’s a two way flow of ministry, sharing  and counsel.

2013 (8-31-2013) picture of me in backyard -pix 2Once Again My Question …What’s God Up To?  He’s joining kindred hearts and spirits together for purposes greater than we could accomplish by ourselves. This is how the Kingdom of God works. It’s the sharing of hearts in an environment of love, safety, peace and mutual appreciation for one another’s gifts.

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The greatest destiny and purpose for me is serving God with ALL my heart, soul and being! My personal relationship with the Lord brings such LIFE as He speaks to me, opens doors of ministry opportunities, and gives me insight into the hearts of others who need a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time.
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