IN HIS PRESENCE Ladies Gathering – The Power of His Presence!

 “IN HIS PRESENCE LADIES GATHERING”– Captured through photos!

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - praying (compressed)The Power of God’s presence at the “In His Presence” Ladies Gathering on Saturday, May 4, 2013 in the beautiful home of Dr. Oya Townsley was nothing less than a GLORY DAY!  The day was filled with “Anointed Moments” where the extraordinary happened with something life changing transpiring in lives. There was no denying that all in attendance were transcending to another level in the Lord!  

Dr. Oya’s home was filled to capacity with ladies who came with a hungry heart to hear and receive something special from God. And…they received what they were looking for ~ plus some. What an amazing time of fellowship and ministry…such warmth and genuine Christ love for one another. What an outpouring of God’s anointing upon that gathering!  Just being in this kind of environment will heal a wounded heart, body or spirit.

Dr. Oya and I were ‘willing vessels’ for God to use in any way He chose. I still am reflecting upon all that took place and how the Lord worked among us. The praise reports continue to come forth from those who attended the ministry gathering. The Lord just came into the room and sat down in the midst of us! What an experience ~ I’m still in the “Afterglow” of that Glory Day!  

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering -sign (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gatheirng - Food Display (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - two ladies (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - 2 ladies (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Prsesence - Afie (compressed)2013( 5-10-2013) IN His Presence Gathering - worship (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - worship (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Yvonne (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Oya at pulpit (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful picture of Oya at pulpit (compressed)2013 5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - praying (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering -praying over lady (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering...Mryna (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - raised hands (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - Praying (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - Belinda (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Oya and Myrna (compressed)2013 (5-13-2013) Merna and friend - compressed

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Oya and me (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - me ministering to Mryna and friend2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Myrna and her friend (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Me ministering to a lady (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - me at the pulpit (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - ladies crying before the Lord (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - ladies  (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful pix of women in worship (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence -  Cheryl Gonzalez (compressed)

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful young girl - (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful lady (compressed)2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence Gathering - A lady worshipping  

2013 (5-13-2013) Darlene - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) Yuvonne prasing God - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) picture of Cheryl Gonzalez - compressed

2013 (5-13-2013) Oya praising God - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) Me praying over someone - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) lady praising the Lord -compressed

2013 (5-13-2013) Darlene - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) Latino lady - compressed2013 (5-13-2013) me praising the Lord - compressed

2013 (5-10-2013) In His Presence - Beautiful pix of women in worship (compressed)



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  1. Veronica says:

    WOW! What a wonderful reflection of an Extraordinary day… An a fabulous way to enter into the Mother’s day weekend! BEAUTIFUL LADIES, SOVEREIGN GOD!

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