My Cup Runneth Over!

2014 (5-5-2014) photo 52014 (5-5-2014) photoOn Saturday, May 3, 2014 the “IN HIS PRESENCE – BEHIND THE VEIL” ministry to ladies was hosted by Dr. Oya Townsley and her dynamic team of women who helped to make it all happen. It was held at Castlewood Christian Ministries in Lilburn, Ga. Talk about a Move of God among the women last weekend. WOW! Actually, it’s a double WOW!!! The beautiful posting written by Suzanne Mills captures the heart and spirit of what took place. A GREAT BIG heart felt “Thank You” to Dr. Oya and the team. It was a day marked in the Heavenlies!

My Cup Runneth Over!

IMG_1112I have long been on my journey for wanting to draw nearer to the Lord.  I, like most of you, get up early in the morning to read and study the Word, to spend time in prayer. There has been a consistency to this but yet I found myself wanting and needing more. I needed a touch. I hungered to be in His presence. I was seeking the Lord for purpose and direction when I saw the Face Book posting regarding “In His Presence” gathering.  I felt like this was something that I needed to be a part of, something that my spirit needed.  It was on April 15th that I reached out to Sheila and asked if there was any space available.  She said “YOU BET THERE IS….,” so I did what she instructed me to do to get my name on the list.  I was excited and I made sure to clear my schedule for that Saturday, which included getting my daughter to make arrangements to get to the site where she was to be taking the SAT and to get a ride home.  I was going no matter what.

Saturday was exactly what I had hoped it would be.  When I walked in the door I was greeted with a beautiful smile and warm hug from a beautiful lady I hadn’t seen in about ten or more years. It felt good to see so many faces that I once shared my life with and to be received and welcomed after all these years of separation.  I could sense in the atmosphere the stirring of the Spirit even though many were busy preparing for the gathering.  There was an anticipation in the air that was like electricity. Everything was adorned in white and looked beautiful. In the front of the room was a display, if you will, of the veil and the Holy of Holies. It was also beautiful and gave me a visual and a reminder of my place before the throne because of what Christ did at Calvary.  A reminder that I can, as the song says, “hasten to His throne,” that no longer was an intermediary needed, I could go straight to my Father, no more sacrifices had to be made for the atonement of my sins. In His Presence I could be and here I was.  Praise God!

I sensed that every woman there came for something in particular but that we all were there with a hunger for the Spirit, to abide in His presence, to receive a touch from Him. While we were eating and listening to some music we started singing and worshipping as if to say – forget this natural food we want the Spirit, let’s get on with it!  We continued into worship and again I could feel a stirring, a pressing in, a drawing on the Spirit. This is where I wanted to be. Awesome.  We moved into more intimate groups to minister to one another.  The groupings may have been done randomly but was by no means random.  My group was a mix of ages ranging from the 20’s up into 60’s. Ministry flowed from the young to the seasoned and from the seasoned to the young not only in my group, as I looked around the room, in every group. The Bible says “forsake not the gathering of yourselves together” not because you need to go to church to have a relationship with Him but because it is when you come together in like faith that your spirit is refreshed and your faith built up.  As women, we have a LOT on our plates all the time. People and things are always pulling at us wearing us down.  It is gatherings like this where we can be ministered to and where we can pour out of our spirits so that we can be refreshed. “Iron sharpening iron, deep calling unto deep.”

Moving in the Spirit in Gifts is an awesome thing to experience and this gathering was no different.  With the strong hunger and anticipation for the Spirit it was the perfect atmosphere to pull out of Sheila her gift of prophecy.  It was heavy on her, I could sense it and see it.  Through her flowed words of healing, words of gifts of healing, words of new relationships, words of God’s recognition, words of direction, words of restoration, words of transplantation, words of confirmation. It was awesome to watch her flow.  As I sat there watching her and praying for those she was speaking to it was stirring more in me. It is neat how when we give out from ourselves, even when we are in need, that He fills us with more than we give out.  Our heavenly Father wants so much to fill us with His spirit not that we should store it up but that as He pours in He wants us to pour out, to be a conduit for His Spirit.  I was blessed to have Sheila speak directly to me and she was right on the money.  She confirmed some things that she would have only known by the Spirit.  God will almost always give the person giving the prophecy some knowledge that they could only know by the Spirit as a confirmation to the one receiving that the person is prophesying by the Spirit.  Praise God.

After Sheila flowed in the Spirit we were to go one or two at a time behind the veil and to lay before the mercy seat anything that we needed to, any burden, desires….  I felt so full that I could think of nothing to lay before the throne but to say thank you for His life giving Spirit and to offer my life to Him to be used by Him more fully.  What a great way to end the morning then by giving back to Him. I came with great anticipation, I experienced a move of the Spirit, I went before the throne and I left with my cup running over. Praise God!IMG_1132

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  1. Cheryl Drake says:

    Suzanne, what a wonderful testimony! God is so awesome. Thank you for sharing your encounter with God ‘behind the veil.’ He is faithful to meet us there. I was so blessed to read this…had tears in my eyes. Blessings to you, Suzanne, as you continue to pursue Him!

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