Simple Pleasures and Great Assurances

Sometimes in life you just need to take the time to enjoy the SIMPLE PLEASURES that our LORD and SAVIOR has so graciously blessed us with. For example, this past weekend my family and I were suppose to visit family in Louisiana but unfortunately the weather was too unstable for us to make the trip. Instead, we decided to make an impromptu trip to THE SMOKIES in Tennessee.  

The mountain experience was simply breathtaking. As we crossed over the state lines from Georgia to North Carolina to Tennessee, I was more and more in AWE of the masterpiece that was before us…the masterpiece that we were driving into for the ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER!

WOW! Look at the ridges and how the mountains appear to connect with the sky.  AHHH, as I said to myself, “Lord, thank you for loving me so much that you would create such a place for me to experience. And to think I am also a part of your masterpiece. WOW, what an honor to KNOW HOW MUCH YOU SIMPLY LOVE ME with great assurances by your natural creations!”

We stopped off as we were driving through the mountains to get a better view from the overlook. How exciting it was to witness a High School football team from another state. They were at the same overlook and were being ministered to by their coaches!

Though I was taking pictures of the scenery, I couldn’t help but to listen in on a little of what the coaches were saying to these young men. Their trip was a part of their training…not just physically but spiritually. The team was alert and attentive to not only the view that was before them but the Spirit that was ministering to them. I was impressed and felt privileged to have had the opportunity to get a glimpse of their experience. When my children are ready to play sports, I desire coaches like those gentlemen…coaches who know “OUR FATHER, WHICH ART IN HEAVEN and the importance of SIMPLE PLEASURES that offer GREAT ASSURANCES IN CHRIST!” And get this…they were NOT A CHRISTIAN BASED SCHOOL.  It was a PUBLIC SCHOOL!  I’m sure there are some parents that would probably cringe to think of such an exposure through public school sport, but this is DESPERATELY needed to be practiced in my opinion.

We got back in the car and continued on our journey.  As we continued, it started to rain. Of course, being in the mountains where signs are posted to watch for falling rocks and constant curves there was a clear message being delivered to me. In every life a storm shall form, yet know that HE has already provided a refuge (a tunnel) for you. It’s a way out of NO WAY to get you to the other side if you simply stay the course and continue to move forward.

Oh my, can you see the overcast and the reflection of some sunlight still smiling through and reflecting on the clouds above? I see that as God saying to us, “Though it may be cloudy sometimes and darkness shall come, remember there is ALWAYS light, just through the tunnel and around the corner. For as long as you allow Me to reside in you and you in ME, there WILL ALWAYS BE LIGHT and simple pleasures with GREAT ASSURANCES for now and forevermore! Enjoy all that I have placed before you.”

Veronica Simon

About Veronica Simon Veronica is the mother of four adorable children, in which she refers to as her ‘KINGDOM KIDS’, thus why each of their names begin with the letter K. She is the wife of Pastor Cornelius Simon and the daughter of many! She has an overflow of compassion and a HOLY DISCONTENTMENT towards the injustice of others via the word of God. She is fearless when it comes to LOVING others, as she reverences the ultimate commandment of all, TO LOVE! Veronica is beginning to rekindle her own personal love toward SIMPLE BEING BETTER in this crazy mixed up world that we currently reside in… Her Motto, “Let’s Get Back To Basics!”
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4 Responses to Simple Pleasures and Great Assurances

  1. Just LOVED this posting and the inspiration that God gave to you as you and your family took a much needed trip through the mountains. All we have to do is open our heart, eyes, mind and spirit and He will speak to us through His creation. Thank you for sharing your God inspired journey with us. It was heart warming and life giving!

  2. Cheryl Drake says:

    Don’t you just love how God talks to us through nature. If we will just take a moment to recognize Him in creation, and listen, He always has something to say! All creation speaks of their Creator and His glory!

  3. simplyVeronica says:

    This trip is still speaking to me. Though the trip was a short trip it was a trip that had an everlasting effect for not only me but for my 10 yr old as well. She witnessed a miracle that was up close and personal. And she also stated how she too can feel the embrace of HIS natural creations… Oh how that has done my heart well. There was assurances in her love and simple sharing that the basics of all that He has given us is TRULY WHAT MATTERS, Truly what’s necessary for our Freedom in HIM! I’m humbly in love…

  4. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the memo to slow down and enjoy the small things of beauty that God has created. We get so busy being busy that we forget the source of all good and beautiful things… GOD… and the reason he created all this beauty around us, is for.. us… to enjoy!
    We always go to Tenn to see the beautiful fall colors, I’ll look at it a little longer and praise God a lot louder and get more pictures because I want it to speak volumes…. because a picture… is worth a thousand words.

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