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16 Jan

Empowered By The Spirit!

2014 (1-16-2014) Empowered by the Holy Spirit


The challenge, the charge, and especially the call to ministry are all of God. Within himself, a man or a woman is not able to fulfill the requirements of that call. He needs a power greater than his own ~ a power found only in the Holy Spirit.

The spiritually conscientious servant will surrender to the call of God, though it is sometimes with great reluctance and fear that he or she does so. Like Moses, some who are called try to shift the responsibility onto another by explaining to God that the other person is better qualified or more gifted.

But He who calls will also equip those He calls. The Holy Spirit can calm our fears, erase our doubts, and strengthen our commitment to do God’s will and work. How futile it would be to try to carry out the call to ministry without the divine enabling and grace of the Holy Spirit.

I remember when the Lord called my husband and me into full time ministry 36 years ago. As his wife, I was frightened of this calling and commitment. I was young and pregnant at the time with our first child and quite naïve when it came to the work of the Lord. I had no understanding at all of what the challenge, the charge and call to ministry was about …not even a clue! However; it wasn’t long after Dan was called into Full Time Ministry that I understood I was called as well. I had different gifting than my husband but called just the same.  Thus, our Spirit Journey in God began and to this day…we are still ministering as the Lord opens doors in churches, conferences, leadership gatherings and ministry one on one ~ bringing hope, encouragement, deliverance and purpose to life.  I came to truly realize that God never calls you without equipping and anointing you to accomplish His purposes.

We live in a rootless society. If we don’t like our joy or neighborhood, we move to another one. Marital commitments and the stability of the home are undermined. Churches change pastors with the wind. There is little substance to hold together home, church or family.

There are ministers that get caught up in this trend, and many start out well only to abandon their calling after a short while. Ezekiel must have seen his task as one of awesome proportions, but he recognized that the reservoir of God’s power was bigger than his need. When God calls, God provides.

Then, too, there is the fact that Ezekiel was sent by God. He did not choose the task or the way to accomplish it. If we are sensitive to the leading and presence of the Holy Spirit, we can be sure we will be successful in whatever ministry God calls us to.

2014 (1-16-2014) Empowered by the Holy Spirit with a DoveDon’t worry about when or where God calls you. His purpose and timing are always right. The man or woman who honors God by surrendering everything into the hands of the Holy Spirit will always be God’s man or woman for God’s task ~ in God’ time.


My Prayer Today ~ Our Lord, help us to make the best choices by yielding our lives to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to lead, empower, and bless whatever we do for YOU!


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