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10 Sep

First the Natural – Then the Spiritual!

Did you know God’s word is filled with patterns of things in the natural followed by things of the spirit?  I Corininthians 15:46-47 says, “The spiritual did not come first, but the natural, and after that the spiritual. The first man was of the dust of the earth; the second man is of heaven.” It is demonstrated in moments in time of our lives, in seasons of the year and in prophetic words.  I look at something and many times ask myself. Why did God make this?  It could be the seasons, a tree, a person or a trial in life.  I know many of my life’s lessons are taught first in the natural and then in the spirit.  How do I know?  I am a walking testimony of it in my life.

2013 (9-4-2013) Beautiful bridge in a FALL settingIt’s happening…fall is approaching and my flowers are looking brown around the edges.  While I love my garden and the fullness of spring, I love fall that much more.  In the natural, I find myself thinking of cold temperatures, snuggling under a warm blanket, shorter days and family gathering around. In the spirit, I begin to reflect on how God has blessed me this summer.  I ponder on His goodness and am thankful for the provisions he has made for my family.  Genesis 1:14 And “God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”  Nature or natural seasons are changing for us all the time just like your maturity in Christ. 

Do you ever reminisce about how far God has brought you and recognize He first had to teach you in the natural before you could ever comprehend it by the spirit?  When Steve and I moved our family to Duluth Minnesota 2013 (9-8-2013) storms of lifeover 17 years ago.  I remember looking back to see how little by little people, jobs and family were being moved (I didn’t say replaced) from our lives.  I remember during the lean times rehearsing “God is my provision. Jobs are not my provision, people are not my provision, family is not my provision but God is my provision.”  Steve and I have now returned home to Georgia and I am now reflecting with new joy how God continues to teach us this valuable lesson as we are the sole caregivers to his mother.  I am thankful for the people, new jobs and family He has returned to our life with a greater expectancy.

My husband is a wonderful teacher and he has taught me so many lessons using analogies.  Going through financial woes (natural); Sow into a person’s life or give an offering to your church (spirit). Struggling with your health (natural); Write God’s Word about healing and proclaim it each day or exercise the very area where the devil is causing you pain 2013 (9-8-2013) pearl(spirit).  Feeling defeated (natural); place scriptures on the floor showing the devil is under our feet (spirit). God’s Word is filled with examples of natural then spiritual lessons.  The construction of the tabernacle of God was built with natural materials but by the spirit it is where God dwells.  Jesus taught parables regarding the Kingdom of God by sharing stories of natural people or places to bring His point across in the spirit….God even wanted you to know that He knows the very number of hairs on your head (natural) so you would know how much He cares for you (spirit).

Steve and I have been given an opportunity to join Pastor Dan and Sheila on a ministry trip in the coming weeks and as we all begin to prepare in the natural, I am anticipating how God is going to reveal His Spirit to us.  A prophet spoke into our lives over a year ago that we would join with this Godly couple in ministry opportunities (a year ago) and now it is beginning to be birthed.  I am truly thankful that God is always, always, always working in my life for good.

2013 (9-8-2013) friends by spirit - Jimmy Smith and us

In the natural we are bound to moments, hours, days, months, seasons and years but always remember in the Spirit there are no bounds.  God is interested in who you are and He sent the Holy Spirit to bring you understanding by the natural and spiritual things in your life.   I challenge you to reflect or maybe even write down examples of how God interacts with you on a daily basis to teach you his Word.


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05 Sep

What Does the Voice of God Sound Like – How Will I Know if God Is Speaking to Me!

2013 (9-3-2013) Hearing The Voice of God

Tough Question:

 “I’ve read in the Bible that God spoke to people like Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Samuel and the Prophets. Does God still speak to people like that today? And if He does, what does His voice sound like and how will I know if He is speaking to me?

 What Does the Voice of God Sound Like?  How Will I Know if God Is Speaking to Me?

 Downloading God’s Answer…Discovered In His Word:

 2013 (9-3-2013) The Voice of GodOur God Is a Self-Revealing God.

God exists in a totally different realm than our human time-space world. God is Spirit, infinite and eternal while we are finite and mortal. Tragically, because of sin, we are further separated from God. Thus it’s impossible for human beings to know God, much less to relate to Him. That’s why He appeared in the Old Testament as wind, fire, clouds and storms. He spoke to people and prophets through visions and angels. The overarching purpose of God when He appeared or spoke was RESTORATION…how He would redeem fallen humankind and restore them back to Himself! But the Greatest Self-Revelation of God was when He became flesh, dwelt among us and redeemed us. That’s who the Lord Jesus Christ was and is! (Heb. 1:1-4)

What Does God’s Voice Really Sound Like?

 1.    God Is Living and Personal. He is not a personification of a human philosophy. He reveals Himself to each person in a way that relates specifically to them. And language is not a problem for God. When He speaks, His words penetrate beyond our minds and hearts and enter into our spirits (Heb. 4:12).

 2.    God’s Voice Sounds Like Anointed Preaching and Teaching.  God stirs pastors’ hearts with specific messages for His people. Listen carefully, or else you may miss what God is saying to you (Rom.10:13-17).

3.    God’s Voice Sounds Like a True Prophetic Word Spoken to You. Prophets speak the heart and mind of God (2 Pet. 1:21). Don’t discount true prophecy…it’s God speaking to you (1 Thess. 5:19-21).

4.    God’s Voice Sounds Like Yours When You Read His Word. The Bible is the written self-revelation of God’s kind intentions for you (2 Tim. 3:15-17). If you don’t read it, you’ve shut down God’s voice!

5.    At Times, God Speaks Through Life’s Circumstances. Not every good or bad experience is God speaking. But for the Spirit-led believer, He warns, guides and teaches you what’s best (Ps. 37:23-24; Is. 48:17 NIV).

2013 (9-3-2013) God SpeaksHow Will I Know if God Is Speaking to Me?  Here Are Some Ways:

 1.    First of All…God’s Voice Will NEVER Be In Opposition to the Written Word of God. God does not contradict Himself. Research the Bible and check with your pastor before you take any action.

2.    God’s Voice Strengthens, Encourages and Comforts You (1 Cor. 14:3 NIV). When God speaks, He quiets confused minds and brings peace to anxious souls. He restores your life to His purposes (Ps. 23).

3.    God’s Voice Stirs Your Heart and Motivates Your Spirit for His Cause! When God speaks, He breathes life into you, electrifies you and empowers you to accomplish His purposes (Ex. 35:21-22; Hag. 1:14).

4.    God’s Voice Puts You Back on Track with Him and Your Destiny. At times we all get off our course and slip away from the Lord’s intentions. Like the last words that Jesus spoke to the seven pastors and churches, He will Commend you, Correct you, Counsel you and Challenge you! (Rev. 2-3)

2013 (7-28-2013) Sheila and Dan

 * This posting was written by my husband, Pastor Dan  Rhodes.

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