2012 (1-3-2012) Holy Spirit Fire HeartThe Holy Spirit is not restricted in power, presence, or potential. He is God the Holy Spirit, and all the attributes of God apply to Him.

He is not restricted in power. Through Him all things are possible. His power is unlimited. If we are to know His power toward us, we must be open to His guidance. When His anointing comes upon us, He provides power to accomplish our Christian tasks. His power which dwells in us is not ours to use as we please, but it is His to work through us for His own good pleasure.

Hs is not restricted in His presence. He can be everywhere at once. My finite mind cannot comprehend the idea that anyone can be everywhere at the same time, but I believe it. I have experienced His presence under many different circumstances. One of His titles, the Comforter, means one who goes alongside to help. Everyone who is baptized in the Holy Spirit has this constant companion. We are never left alone. He abides with us.

He is not restricted in knowledge. Since He knows all things, He knows our needs and will supply them according to the riches of Christ in glory. He knows all about us and cares for us in every respect. When I was a young adult (about 30 yrs of age), I received the Holy Spirit baptism. From that point on, I’ve experienced so many wonderful spirit miracles in my family, among my friends and in my ministry to others. I’ve experienced the kind of “Love” that only God can give. Prophetic words over the years have brought tremendous encouragement and kept my husband and me in good stead when things were difficult. I know the Holy Spirit has directed my life and He will take me through every difficulty. His power gives assurance. After more than 36 years of ministry, the Holy Spirit still abides with me. His presence in the past gives me hope for my future!

2014 (1-18-2014 ) Me at Lake Avondale - Winter Picture number 1**My Prayer Today ~ Dear God, I give thanks to You for the unrestricted Spirit who works through me. Help me to lean more fully upon Him for direction, and give me a deep insight into the Word.

Sheila Rhodes

About Sheila Rhodes

The greatest destiny and purpose for me is serving God with ALL my heart, soul and being! My personal relationship with the Lord brings such LIFE as He speaks to me, opens doors of ministry opportunities, and gives me insight into the hearts of others who need a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time.
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  1. Cheryl Drake says:

    I, for one, am so thankful for the Holy Spirit. He has taught me out of His Word, He has brought revelation to my spirit, He has been my Comforter many times through life’s trials, He has been my very best friend when I have felt alone, He is so kind and gentle as He leads me on the path of life, and I can always count on Him to correct my footsteps when needed! I cannot do “life” without Him. The more I know Him, The more I live Him!

    Thank you for this post Sheila….we are in good company!

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      We surely are in “Good Company” Cheryl! Thank you for your absolutely beautiful description of how the Holy Spirit has been so evident in your life. I love your impactful last words…”THE MORE I KNOW HIM, THE MORE I LIVE HIM.” 🙂

  2. Vicki Fisher says:

    Thank you Sheila for being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to continue in writing these encouraging words to us. You “don’t have to” but you do, out of your love for God. You were placed in all of our lives for a purpose (encourage) and for that I am so thankful.
    We are called to ‘spur” eachother on, and I just want to say, again…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SPURRING!
    Thank you for your faithfulness to this ministry and thank you for helping me grow spiritually!

    • Your words have brought such LIFE to me Vicki…if you only knew! Being a vessel for the Lord to work through is a humbling thing for me. All I want is to be used as He leads. Encouraging others is a Gift that God has given to me and it comes so naturally too. Thank you for “spurring me on” with loving words to “Keep On” doing what He is leading me to do…Encourage! THANK YOU with all my heart for being such a blessing to me personally. Loving you and loving all the wonderful family at CHS makes me feel WONDERFUL inside. I love you and we are praying for you faithfully my precious friend. (HUGS)

  3. melissa Pirtle says:

    What a beautiful word Sheila..

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      My Dear Friend Melissa! THANK YOU for always being such a wonderful Encourager to me and all that I’m doing on my blog. Thank You for visiting today and thank you for being such a “constant” friend to me…We are of “LIKE SPIRIT” AND I KNOW THIS!

  4. melissa Pirtle says:

    Thank you Sheila, I feel the same way:) I wanted to post it to my wall but was unable. If post on your wall again and if I see it, I will share it. Some people need to hear this word, especially those new to their faith.

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