Do any of you love the smell of freshly baked bread as much as I do?  Walking into a bakery or someone’s home where freshly baked bread has just been pulled out of the oven is a delight to our sense of smell.  In your thoughts you might be saying…”Mmmm, what’s that smell?”  Isn’t it funny how we can fill our stomachs full with a satisfying meal, and then we find ourselves somewhere unexpectedly catching a whiff of an enticing aroma, the kind of aroma that makes its way into your nostrils, weaving space into your belly, making you question your stomach’s fullness!

Our sense of smell is so powerful that it will, without permission, take you for a ride on an unsuspected journey.  Before you realize you are a passenger, you might find yourself on the beach, at Grandma’s house, in a school classroom, in a hospital room, at a cemetery, or sitting on an old church pew, smelling the aroma of a memory.

My cousin, Sandy, who is a minister of the Gospel, shared with me one of many personal experiences she has had with the Lord.  Take a step with me into the supernatural realm of God where His language communicates to our spirit.  One night, Sandy, was awakened by the smell of baking bread.  Her first thought was did her daughter bake bread and leave the oven on.  She went downstairs on a mission to find where this aroma was coming from.  Upon arriving in her kitchen, she noticed that the oven was not on and there was not a single loaf of bread sitting out on a rack to cool.  As she pondered and wondered where this aroma was coming from, the Lord spoke to her spirit and said, “I AM the Bread of Life.”

I would like to invite you to my table today.  I call it the “Table of His Presence.”  I have spent many hours feasting at this table eating freshly baked bread.  Oh…the aroma!  In John 6:35, Jesus said to the people, “I AM the Bread of Life, he who comes to Me shall not hunger…”  There is an aroma of His presence.  It’s an indescribable, delicious wafting aroma that fills every nook and cranny in the room.  It is the kind of aroma you never forget, an aroma that envelops every fiber of your being, an aroma that makes your sense of smell awaken to a knowledge of God, an aroma that dissipates the failures of your past, enabling you to continue feasting of this life-giving, life-sustaining bread at the “Table of His Presence.”  You may think you are not hungry because you don’t “feel” hungry, but when you begin to smell the aroma of His presence, you will begin to hunger and desire to partake of what you are smelling.  There is only one word I can find that describes the presence of God.  That word is “MORE.”  Once you smell Him, you’ll want more of Him.

Come to the table, sit back with me, take a slice of this Bread of Life that is freely given to all, and breathe in the delicious fragrance of His presence.  I guarantee you it will be the most satisfying, life-changing, meal you will ever partake of.  Not only will you recognize who Jesus is when you partake of this Bread (Luke 24:35), the aroma of Him will permeate your being.  We carry an aroma wherever we go.  Does the aroma you carry make others hungry for Him?  The world is sniffing out for those who have eaten at the “Table of His Presence.”  They are hungry for this Bread, the eternal Bread of Life, that they may partake and never hunger again for the things of this world.  Why not invite others to partake at your table.  The fellowship is sweet and the Lord, your Guest of Honor, always comes to the table with freshly baked bread.  It is the most perfect, delicious bread for you to share.

Are YOU hungry?

Cheryl Drake

About Cheryl Drake

Cheryl is a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She serves in ministry alongside her husband and daughters on the worship team at her church. Cheryl loves to write and teach the Word of God. She has a heart for hurting women and desires to see women find out who they are in Christ. Coming from a family of ministers, Cheryl desires to be a conduit of God's anointing to touch lives.
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9 Responses to WHAT IS THAT SMELL?

  1. Sheila says:

    Cheryl, the description of bread baking was so beautifully presented that I felt as though I could smell it in my own home. The aroma of that bread you described is a lasting aroma. AND…the sweet fragrance of God’s Presence is a lasting aroma. It permeates our very being when we sit at His table with hungry hearts. My heart’s prayer is to be a sweet fragrance of Christ everywhere I go and everywhere He plants me.
    YES! I’m hungry. I’m hungry always for more and more of Him! What a beautifully inspired writing that you have shared with ALL of us. THANK YOU for your sensitivity!

    • Cheryl Drake says:

      Sheila, I so desire for others to taste of this living bread. We feed ourselves with everything else, and sometimes neglect to feed our spirit man, which is the most important and vital nutrition we need to survive living in this world. I never want to be satisfied with just one meal. I want to hunger for more and more of Him, like you said!

  2. Robin says:

    Cheryl I love when you state, “Our sense of smell is so powerful that it will, without permission, take you for a ride on an unsuspected journey.” You have created a wonderful memory I had longed forgotten. As you describe the aroma of bread in the natural and spirit reminds me of a story Bishop Clarice Fluitt, she pastors in Louisiana, told long ago. Her description was that we are the living bread. God first adds the ingredients of life (creates us for purpose); then He kneeds the bread over and over again (the same lessons until we get it right); He covers the bread with the Holy Spirit and places us in waiting for us to mature, He then uncovers us and kneeds us some more until finally he sees that we have risen to our call; But wait he now provides a pan (His covering and protection) in order for us to be placed in the fire (testing). This period can get really heated. Hopefully it is not over cooked (burnt out). The moment has arrived the aroma penetrates the air. You are now complete – you are Bread. Finally. Until, you see someone pulling out a knife and taking out the butter. Hey God, what are you doing with that knife? More testing for the next lesson. My quick version does not do Clarice’s story justice but you get the picture. Thanks for sharing your story and reminding me we need to feed our spirit each day.

    • Cheryl Drake says:

      Robin, your memory of Bishop Fluitt’s story is an awesome word on what living bread is , I love it! I’m glad you remembered the story and decided to share it with us on here. We learn and are encouraged to grab hold of what is being shared and apply it to our lives. Thank you!

  3. Luvprazinhim says:

    Hmmm the warmth of the Holy Spirit when He is upon us! Lovely Cheryl.

  4. Cynthia says:

    I loved, loved loved this. It really captures the Psalms 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is Good. This will remind us to keep a sweet taste in your mouths for God no matter how bitter life gets.
    Thanks For the reminder

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi, Cheryl. I just had the same experience last night, which is how I ended up here. I am visiting my elderly mother for the holidays and was awoken to the unmistakable and overwhelming aroma of freshly baked bread. My mother hasn’t been up to making homemade bread for years now plus it was the middle of the night, so I knew it couldn’t be her and there is no one else here. I later had a dream where someone called my name twice. Your cousin’s experience is the second I’ve come across so far that has suggested that freshly baked bread is a “fragrance of the Lord.” Thank you for helping me try to better understand “the spiritual sense of smell.” God bless.

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