You Are Beautiful!

This is the Prophetic Word that God put in my heart for the ladies attending the “Mom 2 Mom – Woman 2 Woman” Retreat at Evergreen Marriott Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Under the Spirit Led guidance of First Lady Veronica Simon of Christ’s Messengers Christian Fellowship, Snellville, Georgia ~ The Mothers of Virtue Retreat is a place of healing, wholeness and restoration!

Perhaps, you will find hope and encouragement for your own life through this prophetic word.

“Whether or not you see yourself as physically beautiful, all of you who know and love Me share My beauty ~ The beauty of holiness. Stop looking at your inner flaws and imperfections. Stop looking at the circumstances that surround your life. Stop focusing and dwelling on why you can’t be My vessel of love and light to those surrounding your life. Stop the excuses! Let the beauty of the Lord Your God be upon you this day. See yourself as My child and know My love will empower you to do the things you can’t do in the natural. My love is always available to change you and heal you from the inside out. My power and anointing transforms lives.  My love will continue to engulf you as you draw closer to me and hunger to know me more intimately. Inner Beauty is a gift from Me to you ~ a gift won by Jesus himself on Calvary’s cross. This inner beauty is like the facets of a diamond, with each detail adding something to the whole. And, at its heart, “The Beauty of the Lord.” Your beauty comes from the Living God ~ the beauty of the Lord himself! From this point on, Your personal story is changing…it’s My Story for your life…one of Redemption, one of Hope, one of Forgiveness, one of Healing, one of Restoration, one of Purpose and Divine Destiny, Grace and Mercy!” ~

My prayer ~Beautiful Savior, wrap us in your grace today as you remind us of your limitless love. Teach us to trust your assurances that you have made us truly and eternally beautiful. Amen!”


EXPLOSIVE” is the one word that comes to mind about the “Mom 2 Mom – Woman 2 Woman” Retreat this past weekend! And, was it ever. There was such a BUZZ among the ladies as you entered the room where the ministry event was taking place. The BUZZ reached a momentum as the day progressed with each speaker’s ministry bringing everyone right into the presence of the Lord. The love in that room was electrifying! It drew you right into a place of receiving healing, wholeness and restoration.

First Lady Veronica Simon has to be one of the most gracious ladies I have ever known. The love of Jesus just flows from her and her God given gifting reaches out to everyone who comes into her presence.  Veronica’s hugs are contagious in the most wonderful kind of way. She is sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and along with her team of ladies who assist ~ they prepared the most beautiful and inviting environment for the Lord to dwell among us at the retreat. With all the preparations and all the prayers over this gathering, God honored us with His Presence, Power and Anointing!

All of the presenters at this year’s retreat were dynamic in their individual callings and anointings. It was like a beautiful tapestry being woven right before our eyes as each speaker stepped into their gifting. There was such a flowing of God’s Spirit as lives were touched and transformed by His power that day. A big heartfelt “Thank You” to all the presenters – First Lady/Pastor Veronica Simon, Lolita McNeal, Judith Fletcher, Dr. Oya Townsley, Pastor Kimberly Moore and me.  This event could not have taken place without all the behind the scenes ladies that assisted to make it all possible and the wonderful ladies who came to receive. 


*Each of us are deeply touched by what the Lord did this past weekend and are still walking in the “After Glow.”

IMG_5583IMG_55822013 (11-11-2013) photo of me before the M2M retreat

2013 (11-7-2013) Mom 2 MomIMG_5580IMG_5579









2013 (11-7-2013) Mom 2 Mom

Sheila Rhodes

About Sheila Rhodes

The greatest destiny and purpose for me is serving God with ALL my heart, soul and being! My personal relationship with the Lord brings such LIFE as He speaks to me, opens doors of ministry opportunities, and gives me insight into the hearts of others who need a word of encouragement spoken just at the right time.
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4 Responses to You Are Beautiful!

  1. Veronica says:

    WOW!!!! What a blessing you are! Your gift of writing is SPIRITUALLY SUPERB!!! I am feeling so honored and yet again HUMBLED! Love You A LOT A LOT! 😉

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Pastor Veronica~ This weekend’s ministry will continue to be talked about among the ladies for a longggg time to come. It was power and love charged from start to finish! I’m not sure any of us will ever know the extent of the impact in lives. God has done a very deep and transforming thing in the lives of those who attended. It was an absolute success in the Lord! He was completely in charge of that day!
      Thank you for allowing me to have a part in this Wonderful ministry to the ladies. You are such a Gift to all and I get to call you…”FRIEND!” WOW!!

  2. Blessings…
    Jesus never missed an opportunity for a teaching moment…and I was in His presence at His retreat.. And we were taught by the best of His teachers….I am still humbled and still processing all that I have learned and all that I am remembering.
    Yes, I will be talking about and sharing this good news each and every day. <3.

    • Sheila Rhodes says:

      Good Morning Veronica!
      What a beautiful response to read about Saturday’s Mom 2 Mom – Woman 2 Woman Retreat. I loved where you wrote, “at His retreat.” It was indeed…His retreat. It was so Spirit Led and I love being where God’s presence just floods our being like it did on Saturday.
      You have such a beautiful heart and spirit. The Lord can do anything with a heart like yours!
      All of us are still in the AFTER GLOW of what God did among us and I’m sure this ministry encounter will be talked about and shared for many days and weeks to come.
      Thank you for taking a moment to share your heart on the posting! (HUGS)

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