Your Calling!

 What is your life’s calling? Do you know? Do you care to know? Do you fear that your calling doesn’t compare in the natural to that which the world lays before you (i.e. career choices, wealth, success)? The Lord led me to 1 Peter 2:9 which reads, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” My, my, my… right there it is proclaimed that HE CALLED YOU! HE DESTINED YOU FOR HIS PURPOSE, from darkness into HIS MARVELOUS LIGHT!

You see, with Christ’s victory on the cross, we were given direct access to the Father and the responsibility to bring others to Him. As each of us profess and unite with Christ, we become a member of His body and His work to reconcile men back to HIM. We are called to be representatives of Christ. Our worth and value doesn’t come from our worldly status (homes, cars, money, etc…). It comes from being one of God’s children. We have worth because of HIM, not because of ourselves, our pastors/priests or what we believe we can do.

Simply Speaking:

  • God predestined you for HIS PURPOSE, which far exceeds anything that you could ever come up with for yourself.
  • You have worth SIMPLY because of being a child of God. As His child, you are a part of His plan towards bringing Heaven on Earth.
  • Your loyalty should be to God, not the things of this world, for HE SHALL RECONCILE ALL THINGS BACK TO HIM.

Take Note that in your loyalty to God, it is NORMAL to feel like a stranger in a world that seems to pass over HIM. Hold on, be steadfast and in spite of what it may look like, continue to show Christ by  your life.

Veronica Simon

About Veronica Simon Veronica is the mother of four adorable children, in which she refers to as her ‘KINGDOM KIDS’, thus why each of their names begin with the letter K. She is the wife of Pastor Cornelius Simon and the daughter of many! She has an overflow of compassion and a HOLY DISCONTENTMENT towards the injustice of others via the word of God. She is fearless when it comes to LOVING others, as she reverences the ultimate commandment of all, TO LOVE! Veronica is beginning to rekindle her own personal love toward SIMPLE BEING BETTER in this crazy mixed up world that we currently reside in… Her Motto, “Let’s Get Back To Basics!”
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3 Responses to Your Calling!

  1. Sheila Rhodes says:

    Veronica, Thank you for this powerful posting about YOUR CALLING! Most people want to know their calling in life but often go through life not ever understanding what their purpose and calling truly is. A Calling is a sovereign work of God in a person’s life. Destiny—It’s the kind intentions of a loving Creator who personally knows you, offers to you a gracious plan that enhances your natural gifts, and helps you to become a positive influence in the lives of others.

    • Amen and thank you for the allowance to post.

      In Ephesians 4:1, Paul reminds us of our Vocation/Calling as Christians. We are called to lead a life worthy of our calling.

      In society today, it appears to be a rare thing that we pray or teach our children to pray towards their vocation in life. Instead we aim/expose them to careers, etc… that appear to have the greatest material/money return on one’s investment of time and energy. Not realizing that we may be leading them down a path that takes them off course from which they were originally designed.

      Our citizenship is Heaven (Phil 3:20), and it is our responsibility to HIM that we should be more concerned with for we are a chosen people.

      • Sheila Rhodes says:

        Your AUTHOR contributions on “Sheila’s Heart” are just priceless Veronica! Thank you for your Life Giving words of wisdom, insight and minsitry to all of us out here!

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